Magickal Practices

Demonic Empowerment


Ritual designed by: Noctula Vyxen


Satan, Satan´s Blessing Booster Ritual (Full Ritual):


In a quiet room, nude, face south and set a sigil of Satan in front of you, It can be made of paper, clay, metal, wood, or whateaver you choose.

Light a single black candle

You can burn Dragon´s Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Copal, Sandalwood or Oud Incense

Now invoke the daemon: Ha Satan ha shedim

[You can find the mantra here: 1 Hour Version: · 108 Repetitions Version: ]


Say the invocation until you feel power or heat surging through you.

Try to focus this power through your solar plexus (nievel).


Focus on your power and visualize your RESULTS, results that will come, that will be attracted, and think about yourself, visualize you healthy, powerful, energic, hungry for life, happy and free.


Then, when the joy feeling and well-being invades yourself, laugh of pure bliss and hapiness increase the exhaltation of power and emotions...

Then anoint the sigil with your blood. (You can feel demonic power and energies in this moment.)

Be grateful to Satan, be grateful to yourself, to allow you to do this.

My will be done!

Douse the candle.



· Carry this sigil with you when you go to any place where an opportunity exists, gym, job interviews... or where an extra empowerment is needed.

· If you cannot laugh and reach the extatic state, you can repeat the ritual until you know how to do it, and feel good about it.

· This ritual can be repeated every 3 months. ( If you feel convenient )

_Ritual designed by: Noctula Vyxen