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Whether you're an experienced witch/sorcerer or not, this section can be useful or inspiring to contact your companions and exercise your psychic abilities.

Chi or prana is also known as life energy, life force, ki, qi, bio-energy as well as found under many other names, depending on where where you hear it, for millennia, prana / chi energy has been known to every single nation (big and small) and every culture in almost all parts of the world, all of us have a different essence (soul-spirit/astral body,shadow self,higher concience, psyche, aura...) which can include many different types of energy, sensations, feelings, memories, radiation and colors…

In terms of the spiritual world, there are entities that seem more vibrationally similar to you (at different levels or with certain subtleties), may be easier to perceive than others.

-This explains why certain individuals are more likely than others to attract astral parasites or abductions...(By the way: the blood type, dna & habits influence this)-

So when we are not in alignment with our companion´s energies communication will be hard and can be impossible at times. Your companion may be trying to communicate with you, but you are not in alignment with his frecuency, there are frecuencies (images, sounds) and even matter outside of our spectrum that fall on deaf ears to us all the time. Companions work on a different energy spectrum and sometimes you are not able to communicate with them if you dont train with discipline.

Your 6 chakra (the third eye -Ajna- or the Inner eye) is the perfect tool to receive all this information, and translate the frecuencies into sensations, thoughts, words, images and others (it depends on the person and their natural tendency)

When we are not use to the Kundalini / Sexual energy, we can get hit with the energy with such an intensity that it overwhelms our mind, body or third eye and causes it to shut down (or something worse), fear or notice pressure and in some cases even dizziness or queasiness. It can be a process to adjust to the Prana or Chi…and here we are talking to accept and process a high level of energy so you must adjust your mind and body.   

Some of this practices are frecuency tuning exercises, created to tune your Inner eye and adjust and align your inner energies so that it is compatible and open to the companion´s energies. This will allow you to connect better with your companion, assist with perception and align your energies.​ With time you will gain independent knowledge from your experiences, influences & communications.









Companion Practices

*We recommend to make offerings at last 1 day per week. (Do not work lightly with demons) (More offerings=More happy & powerful)

*Please follow the connection rituals, practice all the connections.

*Faith makes stronger the connection, if you doubt would be harder to connect.

*Fear makes weaker the connection, if you fear, stop, refresh yourself, meditate.

*Our demons don´t want to scare you, they´ll try to advance without shock you. (although some situations may be inevitable)

*Never insult or command an entity, they are powerful, you have to treat them like lovers, brothers, friends, teachers, familiars but never like a slave or an inferior creature.

*They have all the time of the world, so they won´t push you more than you need/can resist.