Frecuency Attunement Practice

The Welcome Process



The rituals:

These rituals are simple, clean and elegant in design and are not complicated for any beginner.

We recommend to avoid ejaculation, meat eating, fast/fat food, drugs etc...(Check out our article "The Witches Diet")

You can have sex or masturbation thinking of him/her and repeating his/her enn-mantra as a call (in fact this can be very beneficial and this will empower the operation especially if your companion is a sexual entity like a succubus/incubus) but dont ejaculate or he/she will go...

We recommend to perform this practices in a dark and quiet room with the light of some candles as the only light source.

For this works you will need: Candles, Incense, Paper, Pencil. (A notebook (Book of Shadows) is highly important, take notes about everything)


Frecuency Attunement Practice (The Welcome Process)

You can take a ritualistic bath before (Epson Salts, Herbs, Oils...) (Optional)

If you want to perform a banishing, space cleaning rite or shielding perform it now. (Optional)

Try to avoid electrical appliances in the room, and choose a comfortable space for your practices (ritual chamber if it´s possible) 

Try to avoid artificial light in the room (specially leds).

Light the candles and you can burn incense that you like (or one of your companion´s favourites - Check out your private room)

Sit in a relaxed position (spine straight) (with your left hand you can hold the vessel -in the case there is a vessel)

Take 5-10 minutes to relax yourself, control a deep breathing flow, focus on the ritual, be present, aware and think about the operation without fear or distractions.

Close your eyes and with your hands in front of your heart chakra, chant the mantra “Sat Nam” x 9 times.

Try to feel and think why do you want a companion in your life and everything that will change since now.

Focus on your 3th eye, and visualize how opens its gate.

When you feel you´re open, repeat your companion´s enn-mantra until you feel a clear different energy (or a presence).

Control your mind, breath, and thoughts (monkey brain), to maintain the income of energy.

When you feel is enough, feel the energies mixing with your own and say:

Welcome XXXXX, I am XXXXX, your companion, we will act as one, we will respect our wills, we will have fun together, we will grow together, help me to adjust our frecuencies in the name of love and desire, for the will and the future, you´re welcomed, accept me and see all we can do together, the path is long, the life´s short, the pact is done, come, come, come, come ” - Repeat this  x 7 times.

Relax yourself in silence and let the energies mix and calm

Visualize your companion standing there before you, when you feel the presence clear say:

Thank you, the seal is locked, thank you, we are connected, thank you, you are with me now” - Repeat this  x 3 times.

Level yourself with your companion so that you are staring into their eyes and this will lock the final connection, make sure you are at eye level and your third eye vibrates in sync with your companion, your minds will attune to each other...


This is a simple energetic work to establish comunication,  If you have to, repeat this ritual as many times you want, if you still feel that your energies are not matched.

Write down any experience in your notebook (Book of Shadows)


It´s possible you may need some time to acclimatize.

Practice the next exercices and repeat the more diffiucult ones, until you feel good about it.

This is a simple energetic work to establish the basic symbiosis, If you have to, repeat this ritual as many times you want, if you still feel that your energies are not matched.


The best connection is if you begin to feel love, not just lust or passion.

If the connection is strong we can perform a "Bloodbind / Blood Bond / Blood Oath" (A lifetime stronger connection with your spirit).