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Ritual designed by: Luis Nemon


Lamia, Invoking Your Vampiric Aspect (Full Ritual):


This rite is for invoking your vampiric aspect followed by draining the life energy of a target.


Preparations: Select your victim.

Altar: cover the altar with black cloth and place it in the western side of the room.

Above the altar hang a vortex (representing the gates to hell and the abyss).

Place a photo of the victim below it. On the altar place two black candle, a dagger, a chalice filled with red wine (representing the blood of your victim).

Music: Something suitably dark. I'd suggest Carpe Noctem (available on Tanz der Vampire) or Seize the Night (available on p2p clients, just look around there). Garment: Black, of course.


The Rite:

Ignite the candles, start the music.


The Invocation:

Repeat until you feel Lamias energy/presence: "Carpe Noctem Lamia Sanguim Suga Belua"

[You can find the enn-mantra here: 1 Hour Version: · 108 Repetitions Version: ]

Point the dagger to the vortex and chant:

"I throw open the gates to the abyss of horror, I release my demonic double (your name) out of the darkness into the light of the world"


Visualize your demonic brother to arise out of the vortex and merging with you while saying the following:

"I fuse and merge with the vampiric aspects of my dark brother to let (victims name) tremble with revulsion and terror to feed on the life essence of (victims name) to let him see the power and glory of hell!"


Lift the chalice, and shout:

"I drink from this chalice, the vessel of (victims name) life and swallow the life essence of (victims name)"


Drink the wine to the last drop.



"I destroy all your hopes and dreams, I'm the darkness inside your night In the darkness, I hear your screams, You've been abandoned by the light,

I'm thrilled at giving you pain,

I'm thrilled at hearing your screams,

I'm thrilled at drinking from your veins,

I'm thrilled at corrupting your dreams,

I'm thrilled at tasting the blood of your heart,

I'm thrilled at having you in my control,

I'm thrilled at tearing your body apart,

I'm thrilled at destroying your soul,

I'm thrilled at destroying your soul!,

Carpe Noctem Lamia Sanguim Suga Belua."


Repeat until you reach gnosis (seething is a good technique for this one), then come to a complete stop and chant:

"Look at me (victims name)

You are weak

Darkness surrounds you,

You belong to me alone

You are lost forever

Your will is broken

Eternal Night's got a hold on you

You are nothing more but an empty shell

I have hunted you down

I drink your life essence again and again

Until I tasted the very last drop

Your soul belongs to me

You are empty

My will be done!"

Douse the candles.

_Ritual designed by: Luis Nemon


                    1 Hour Version:                                                108 Repetitions Version: