3rd Eye Energy Rush


With this special work, we send to the client the energy of 9 intense orgasms directly to his/her 3rd eye Chakra.

This rush of energy can be used to stimulate the awakening of your 3rd eye or in the case you have your 3rd eye open to energize and clarify your visions, ***also as additional benefit this work  invigorates the auric shield and the visualization.

We can rush the energy of 1 intense orgasm every day during 9 days. (Less dangerous) or send you the energy of 9 orgasms in 1 rite. (Directly to your Ajna Chakra)


*Keep in mind that if you dosent sleep always at the same time, drink alcohol, milk, eat a lot of sugars, meat etc can be very difficult a nice Third Eye awakening.

*Keep in mind that if you´re fat or your nervious system is not prepared, it can easy overwhelm you.

*Keep in mind that if your pineal gland (calcified/brain salt), nervous system and your mindset is not ready it can be very overwhelming.

>One of our witches can give you guidance and some steps to follow.

>Dosent matter what some healers say, chakras MUST BE NOTICED by yourself, there are a real thing, not spiritual soft sensations...




We´ll send you (via email) some instructions, some can be hard to follow, but if you really want a 3rd eye healthy you have to stop eating trash food, excessive sugars, drugs, and perform a disciplined spiritual life style.


ADVICE: We cannot guarantee that you know how to close your eye when you open it, so if you are not prepared and on the correct vibration, and you may be frightened by what you may see, feel, hear, or the visits of deceased that you may receive may be unpleasant or annoying, consider it and think twice.

We recommend that you work on it first.


Contact us to program the day to start ( sataniacontact@gmail.com )

-Mandatory: Meditations & practices will acelerate the erosion of calcium and  will boost with energy your eye..

-Mandatory: Diet.

-Mandatory: Sex (Ejaculation control).

We only need: your full name, the city where you live and a recent photo.

3rd Eye Energy Rush

€350.00 Regular Price
€250.00Sale Price
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