Taxlaah, is a creature in the form of abyssal dragon, a "sin-eater", which feeds on:


· Fear and paranoia

· Anxiety

· Tension

· Pain

· Sadness, Apathy and demotivation

· Shame and shyness

· Locks

· Larvae and astral parasites

· Dirty, impure or dissonant energy

· Trauma

· Dark memory

· Pain of past lives

· Negative karmic load

· Guilt

· Other negative energies


This immensely powerful entity is tamed, and it will not hurt you, Taxlaah feeds without causing pain, eliminating what is negative, for the expression of the individual.

Is known not only to make the person they devour for feel better but it can result in many changes... feeling healthier, happier, more energetic, more in tune with yourself...


We all as metaphysical practicioners have our own devourers, we would not be able to be in this realm serving those whom bring with them all all sorts of energies without it.


Taxlaah is not difficult to work with.


Become what you really want to be, unlock what you want to grow in you, and destroy what you do not want to be or drag.


The main symptoms are:


· Security

· Better energy flow

· Health more robust

· Hapiness

· Psyque more focused and healthy

· Lightness and / or freshness of spirit

· Attraction of positive factors

· Clean Aura

· Karmic balance reset to zero

· Others


Taxlaah can make several visits, to feed on you, change aspects and help to boost the alchemy of the subject.


Contact us to program the day to start ( )

We only need to know your full name, a recent photo (eyes visible) and the city where you are


Taxlaah, Devourer of Weakness

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