Taste our demonic tantric ecstasy.

This is an exquisite and highly sexual astral-net-sabbath, a collective sex meditation, or astral sex induction,with very selected participants and energies, and a very active group; the membership is for 1 year, and this is a very limited offer to promote the growing of participants.


How it works:

-There´s an audio to tune yourself (different every feast), and a secret mantra/pass that´s renewed every year (or even less time in case of expel a member).

-You must be bisexual to enter into this "room"

-You must know that Asmodeus, and other demons will be honored in this celebration

-Every first Saturday of the month theres a non-stop orgy performance, so you can join and get out as many times you want [ From 00.00 Friday to 00.00 Saturday. France, Europe time]

-We recommend Karezza practices to a deeper experience


Membership (and the group):

-First of all you must be older than 18/21 years old to participate (depending on your country laws)

-To enter, you have to send us a photo of you whole body naked and showing your face, your full name, your nickname, and a 1 page description that will be send to all the members to aprove your solicitude (also by send us your material you´re accepting the sharing of it with our active vip members, allowing them acces to your photos and sex material-not to your full name or email-), in case of demon companions, sucubbus, incubus and other entities you must send the seal, the enn, and a description.

-You can optionally share sexual material only about yourself in your private profile, which the other registred and active members can enjoy, and know your preferences or sexual energies a little bit more.

-WARNING: No Lilith demons, sons or daughters are allowed (This entities could be totally destroyed)

-WARNING: Vampire entities have to be in total control (to avoid devour other companions or drain energies)

-You´ll be aproved in the case of the 75% of the members responds favorably to your candidature. Then you´ll could pay the 1 year membership. (Then we´ll start to send you the audios, the mantras and the instructions.)


Members Rules:

-Members that are already inside cannot be rejected by a new member, but the new member could refuse the interaction with which he does not want to interact.

-Always respect if someone does not want to interact, do not force anyone, most participants will interact very openly with you without any problem

-Your selection of members: First you must read all the info from the new candidates, and then masturbate at last 10 minutes with the photography, and trying to be open at the sex-appeal/sex energy of this person, only after this you can deicide if your vote is positive or negative, (ejaculation is not necessary), then you have to comunicate your decition (if you would be happy with this person in the orgy).

-WARNING: No Lilith demons, sons or daughters are allowed (This entities could be totally destroyed)

-You always have to communicate if you want to introduce entities to the net.

-Respect is very important, to the members, to the rules, and to the system.

-You will not share the data of any member or candidate out of the group.

-You will use this connection to learn the sacred tantra, astral sex, have fun, share, love and experience but never with other intentions.

-Dramas, obsessions with a specific member and bad behavior will not be allowed.

-There are some monitors that track that the activity in the astral is "good"

-If you know how to shapeshift, you can do it, but when a member asks you who you are, you must say your nickname (the monitors will know anyway)

-The being who breaks the rules will be banned and punished.


The more people join this magickal operation the more power the operation will have.

Contact us to send you an "application form" ( )



Freak Fuck Feast - Satania´s Sabbath [Bisexual]

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