Hellborn Queen Corintia


Corintia is a very mighty and powerful Queen Demoness. She is half Hellborn and half Divine Sex demon so she looks like a succubus out of a sex nightmare. Her eyes are red and she has a perfect and

intimidating body. She actually is incredibly handsome in her own way and she is one who is very charming and hipnotic. She has a lot of unique fetishes that she loves to indulge in and she is one who understands pleasure and pain. She will hate and curse her companion´s enemies. She enjoys rough play and she love a soul who can push the limits of both erotic sides. She deals with other demons, enjoys war and this serves her well on the different dimensions. She also loves playing with people´s thoughts, situations and limits and she loves awakening the darkness of one’s sexual desires and the knowledge that all this brings.


She will bring you wealth and many opportunities and good deals, and her energy could help you with the awakening of Kundalini energy and bring passion and motivation to your life.


You will also learn to deal with rage and anger, because their energy sometimes feels that way.

An incredible queen, who wants to interact with a non-conformist human, and be able to develop the power and skills of both.


The vessel comes with a sigil to connect with Corintia, and some practices you must do and a link to a private video enn to attune your energies with her.


Please if you purchase this, contact us ( sataniacontact@gmail.com ) Give us your complete adress and full name, we´ll send you the vessel, and we´ll perform the ritual/s to connect.

Hellborn Queen Corintia

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