Human Spirit: Roger


Roger is very funny, and when he talks, talks loud and clear, he is very "human", a crazy fatherly figure, he like to eat, smoke and drink a lot, he can warn you from low astral powers and creatures, he can tell you secrets or information from the other side, he can help you to contact your deciced ones and give you lucky in life.


Sometimes he feels very lonely and he is an extrovert man that needs communication and action, also he wants to grow his power and manifestations in our dimension.


Sometimes he moves objects to get attention (or make things disappear), he can make you forget things the first times you tune your energies to his energy (as well as deja vu´s symptoms), and when he is angry, a new practitioner may feel that his energy causes some dizziness. His energy may feel cold and odd sometimes, and the room where you practice with him can develop a really cold and foggy ambient.


Sometimes his personality remind us the Beetlejuice or Baron Samedi kind of spooky/rude humour, naughty talk, grounded/earthly feelings, and not always the best moral advices.


He works from the ego and for the ego, and he still feels his humanity, he feels empathy and fraternity for his friends and a total disregard for unity or others / strangers.He is very passionate indeed. He also can be serious and understand your deepest feelings and thoughts.


(His protection is based on the avoidance of conflicts, and he gives ideas or premonitions to avoid fights and bad situations.)


Roger, is man from the 20ths. Died at 52 (1947) USA


If you feel called, and if Roger wants to work with you, we´ll guide you in a process of easy rituals to connect.


+There´s no vessel (We link the spirit to you) 

+We provide a sigil/seal/yantra

+We provide a secret enn/mantra/staota/enchantation

+We provide a description of the entity

+We provide a link to a private video enn to attune your energies with him.


Please if you purchase this, contact us ( )

Give us your city and full name, and we´ll perform the ritual/s to connect.

Human Spirit: Roger

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