There are no judgments. There are no limits. Ecstasy between two worlds.


He just wants your sexual energy,

No matter who you are, no matter how you look.


He wants to increase his erotic power, he will excite your energies and will make you see the most perverse visions while you will tremble delightfully.


His sadism, his hunger for sex, his beauty, his sinful sexual play, his hot and cold electric caresses, his infinite manipulation of orgasmic energy will make you addicted to him.


Discover your true spiritual sexuality, your hidden desires, your unrealized fantasies with Kironte.


A high powered, brutal lover with exhaustive mystical and sexual abilities. He is highly sexual, mystical, and obssessive with an energy that has matured into power over eons.  He is also driven by desire for promiscuty and lust, offering as he does exotic sexual skills and obssessive mind control. His energy is vibrant and powerful, having an exotic mixtures of hellborn and demonic bloodlines.


Contact us to program the encounter (night) ( )

We only need to know your full name and the city where you live.

The maximum visit time is the whole night.

Incubus Handler Kironte Sex Encounter (1 Visit)

€50.00 Regular Price
€35.00Sale Price