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Written by: 


Noctula Vyxen

Emissary Zarael


Names: Satan, Satanas, Satana, Satania, Shaitan, Sathanas, Iblis, Sathanel, Agios (...)

(Additional entities: Azazel (King) or Samael (Ha Satan / Emperor Lucifer / Samael-Luciferi) depending upon which Satan)

Rank: King (King Of Demons) (Dark Lord, Creator of the Djinn Essence, Angel-God)

[Additional ranks: Emperor (Lucifer / Samael or Samael-Luciferi)]

Titles: The Adversary, The Judge, The Great Accuser, The Seducer, The Bearer Of Chaos...

Legions: Unknown (Number constantly changing)

Goetic Demon: NO (But His power can be applied to Goetic Operations)

Day/Night: Day & Night Daemon

Qlipha: Thaumiel (With Moloch / Molock)

Path: From Moon to Sun, [Atu Cards: Atu VII (Azoth)], (Number 4 on The Tree of Wyrd)

Dates: December 25th, January 17, February 2, August 3, September 7, November 4

Days: Saturday (Primary aspect & Azazel aspect), Sunday (Primary masculine aspect & Lucifer: Sol Invictus, The Light Bringer),

Thursday (ArchAngel Samael aspect), Friday (Emperor / Enlightener Lucifer aspect)

Cardinal Direction: South, North (Some say center, below and inside too), East (Emperor Lucifer)

Tarot: The Devil, The Tower (ArchAngel Samael) [Atu Cards: Atu VII (Azoth)], (Number 4 on The Tree of Wyrd) - Card VII on the Sinister Major Arcana.

Planet: Sun & Mercury (Mercury is associated with Sulphur too) (Some also attributes Algol Star, North Star, Sirius, Saturn, The Orion Belt even Venus)

Appropiate Working/s: Empowerments & Alchemical Works (O9A attributes Lust, Indulgence, Tranformations)

Metal: Sulphur (Gold (Samael-Luciferi/ Emperor and Enlightener), Stainless Steel (Jewelry: ArchAngel Samael and Azazel) Copper is also attributed to all Venusian beings such as Lucifer

Element: Primarily Fire (beside all the elements -in this order: Fire, Ether/Spirit/Acausal, Earth, Air, Water).

Lucifer: Air, just translate His enn, and mind His East attribution). For Lucifer also Water (think of the Lucifer Sigil and how it looks like a Chalice with Fire beneath it).

Color: Red (Some attribute Black and White also even Blue), Samael-Luciferi, the Emperor, prefers black candles while Lord Azazel prefers Red. (Purple and Black are common colors for Azazel too). Lucifer light blue (Some attribute silver, white, gold, and dark red too).

Animal: Red Dragon, Serpent, Goat (Additional animal attributions Wolf, Frog, Rabbit, Women, Child, Fly). -Black Dragon and Gold Dragon (for The Emperor)-

Plant: Vervain (Laurel attributed too -in fact theres a lot of plants attributed to The Devil figure-). Holly berries for ArchAngel aspect of Samael

Incense: Sulphur, Dragon´s Blood (Frankincense, Oud, Myrrh, Copal, Patchouli, Sandalwood attributed too)

From Emissary Zarael: If connecting with Samael-Luciferi and not Lord Azazel, His favourite scent is burning both Dragons Blood and Sandalwood at the same time. I personally use a two ended stick burner. Lord Azazel likes Dragons Blood alone. Sandalwood is fine for the Enlightener aspect.)

Fragrance: Sulphur. Father likes mens Azzaro “Wanted” fragrance. He said He doesn’t care about oils, by the way. Lord Azazel, however, loves Venus Satanas’ “Red Satyr” oil, especially for sexual connection.

Other Affiliations: Cinnamon, Mushrooms, Sulphur, Rosemary, Blood, Skulls, Bones, Flowers, Music...

Crystals: Opal, White Quartz (Other attributions: Smoky Quartz, Quartz, Obsidian, Geodes, Sodalite, Jet, Sapphires, Rubies and Herkimer Diamonds) (If connecting with the Underworld Covens, Black Obsidian)

Zodiac: All [as the Draconian Archetype (The Grand Red Dragon) represents the 4 elements & all the astrological signs]. (Some attribute especially Capricorn).

Gematria: 666, 999 (Also 4, 6, 9 & 1 attributed)

Demonic Enn: Tasa Reme Laris Satan, Ave Satanis [or name to be vibrated (Shaitan) -no specific key for chant-]

Other Chants: There are thousands, literaly thousands of chants, odes and mantras. Most used: "Agios O Satanas" and "Ha Shatan (Or Shaitan) Ha Shedim",

Also Lucifer’s, Lilith’s, Baphomet’s and Azazel’s as well as ArchAngel Samael’s depending upon why and Who.



On the left, The Chariot (Azoth) - Sinister Tarot by Christos Beest (Richard Mould).


Azoth´s description: "A strong man dressed in animal skins stands grimly beside a plinth on which is a large, glowing sphere. In the center of the sphere is a blackness where the stars shine, The man is guarding the plinth, and carries and axe and a club. He holds a wolf on a chain which is snarling at the white-robed woman walking toward the plinth bearing and offering of incense in a thurifer. In the distance, the sun is setting and a crescent moon hangs in the sky. The ground is like red, stony desert and behind the woman is the faint outline of a green dragon."

The Menstrum - The Sinister aspect implicit within the "homogenous metallic water": the explosive factor in the delicate balancing of life-enhancing elements. Change by afversity - the "Accuser". The brutal realities that threaten to devour the abstract, the romantic.

Insight and control via the understanding of the Primal -or destruction by it.

Some of our video meditations of Satan:


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Dukante Invocation Sigil (1 Hour)

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Satan´s Enn, Behemoth X sigil (108 Rep.)

Satan´s Enn, Behemoth X sigil (1 Hour)

Satania´s Enn, Dem. Version (1 Hour)



• Some say that Satan is a djinn, or king djinn, while some say that He is a fallen angel (We believe both are truth.)

• Long held to be an Earth bound representative for the Dark Gods.

• He is very smart, but nobody speaks about his intelligence. If you channel him you will know.

• He has four spouses (The Babylon (Babalon), together comprised of): Lilith, Agrat Bat Mahalath (or Mahlat), Eishet Zenunim, Naamah), and a Concubine (The Secret Fifth Queen)

The Common / Standard Perception of The Spirit:

"Satan,also known as The Devil, and sometimes also called Lucifer in Christianity (wrongly), is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or "falsehood".


In Judaism, Satan is seen as an agent subservient to Yahweh, typically regarded as a metaphor for the yetzer hara, or "evil inclination." In Christianity and Islam, he is usually seen as a fallen angel or jinn who has rebelled against God, who nevertheless allows him temporary power over the fallen world and a host of demons.


In the Quran, Shaitan, also known as Iblis, is an entity made of fire (Djinic in essence) who was cast out of Heaven because he refused to bow before the newly-created Adam and incites humans to sin by infecting their minds with Waswās ("evil suggestions").(Strongholds)

(The Title:) A figure known as Ha-satan ("the satan") first appears in the Hebrew Bible as a heavenly prosecutor, subordinate to Yahweh (God), who prosecutes the nation of Judah in the heavenly court and tests the loyalty of Yahweh's followers. During the intertestamental period, possibly due to influence from the Zoroastrian figure of Angra Mainyu, the satan developed into a malevolent entity with abhorrent qualities in dualistic opposition to God. In the apocryphal Book of Jubilees, Yahweh grants the satan (referred to as Mastema) authority over a group of fallen angels, or their offspring, to tempt humans to sin and punish them.

Although the Book of Genesis does not mention him, he is often identified as the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In the Synoptic Gospels, Satan tempts Jesus in the desert and is identified as the cause of illness and temptation. In the Book of Revelation, Satan appears as a Great Red Dragon, who is defeated by Michael the Archangel and cast down from Heaven. He is later bound for one thousand years, but is briefly set free before being ultimately defeated and cast into the Lake of Fire.

In the Middle Ages, Satan played a minimal role in Christian theology and was used as a comic relief figure in mystery plays. During the early modern period, Satan's significance greatly increased as beliefs such as demonic possession and witchcraft became more prevalent. During the Age of Enlightenment, belief in the existence of Satan was harshly criticized by thinkers such as Voltaire. Nonetheless, belief in Satan has persisted, particularly in the Americas.

Although Satan is generally viewed as evil, some groups have very different beliefs. In Theistic Satanism, Satan is considered a deity who is either worshipped or revered. In

LaVeyan Satanism, Satan is a symbol of virtuous characteristics and liberty. Satan's appearance is never described in the Bible, but, since the ninth century, he has often been shown in Christian art with horns, cloven hooves, unusually hairy legs, and a tail, often naked and holding a pitchfork. These are an amalgam of traits derived from various pagan deities, including Pan, Poseidon, and Bes. Satan appears frequently in Christian literature, most notably in Dante Alighieri's Inferno, all variants of the classic Faust story, John Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, and the poems of William Blake. He continues to appear in film, television, and music."

The Endless Faces of Satan:

The following is from our perspective, due our work with Him and His demon sons and daughters and based on our sacred doctrine "The Devilism".


Satan as a Title:

Satan is a name but it is also a title. There are loads of demons who claim to be Satan, and it’s not a lie or a trick that they want to play.

We know that Satan also is comprised of a good number of human spirits as well.

Some of these demons can be part of the entity, like a spiritual Hive Mind, a composite being.

Usually this revelation comes as a mystery during deep spiritual work with them, or there are cases wherein the demon, under the pressure of a Christian exorcism, claim to be Satan. It can be true, although sometimes it can be to avoid revealing the concrete name of the spirit, the ego mask of the spirit (isolated).This, as everyone knows, facilitates the exorcism or banishing of any being.

There are many beings from many different realms who hold the title of “Satan”, and many different beings whom some have said are “Lord Satan”. “The Devil” is another title attributed to Him, but there are many spirits, demons and beings from many different realms who claim to be The Devil or part of The Devil.This may be the reason why the Christian Church doesn’t take too much time to differentiate the different demons. All are Satan; all are “The Devil” for from their perspective no matter if is Beelzebub, Lucifer, or Leviathan.They will treat the spirit or spirits as Satan (or The Devil).

Some evangelical Christians, especially charismatics, also claim that anything they don’t agree with and believe is sin is in itself a demon. (i.e. homosexuality).


There are also "walk in" spirits, usually reptilian beings, that claim to be The Satan.This, again, happens usually during aggressive exorcisms due to aggressive or negative possessions.


Is important to remark that The Devil is bigger than Satan. Satan is part of The Devil, but The Devil is a major force, cosmically. Satan is a God, a Dark Lord. He is inter-dimensional but bound to Earth. However, we can’t attribute the whole Devil figure to this God. To do so would be pure ignorance concerning how this works.

 (*Image 1 (left): The infamous T-Shirt with "Bigger Than Satan".This statement is imbued with a deep occult meaning. i.e. Part of "The Devil" or part of "The Satan", which is in fact bigger than Satan. These kind of controversial statements were recurrent in Aleister Crowley’s speeches and by modern days artists like the late John Lennon (right), Marilyn Manson, and recently Justin Bieber made use of this concept.)

Satan’s Sigils and His Masks (Satan as a collective entity or Metagod):

Satan is a title, but Satan is a collective composite entity too, a Metagod, an amalgam of spiritual forces, consciousnesses and beings. (Imagine The Legion. Now, imagine all these entities unified in one entity in perfect communion. Well done.You’ve got it!)


Masculine & Feminine:

Nobody seems to know or speak about very basic information concerning Him, His major traits, the masculine aspect of Satan (Satanas, Sataniel, etc.) and feminine aspects (The Shakti of Satan / the goddess part -also Satania, Satana). Keep in mind that all the divisions are an entity. It can be hard to understand that when we enter into the metaphysical, but any division will be an entity, as all in one will also be an entity.


There are very many spirits who have different sigilization for their masculine and feminine aspects.


Lets look at Bune for example:

BUNE 2.png

In the Ars Goetia Bune is described as a male (primary masculine energy spirit):

The Twenty-sixth Spirit is Bune (or Bime). He is a Strong, Great and Mighty Duke. He appeareth in the form of a Dragon with three heads, one like a Dog, one like a Gryphon, and one like a Man. He speaketh with a high and comely Voice.


He changeth the Place of the Dead, and causeth the Spirits which be under him to gather together upon your Sepulchres.

He giveth Riches unto a Man, and maketh him Wise and Eloquent. He giveth true Answers unto Demands. And he governeth 30 Legions of Spirits.

His Seal is this, unto the which he oweth Obedience. He hath another Seal (which is the first of these, but the last is the best).

However, he has two different sigils: one for his masculine aspect (up), and one for his feminine aspect (down)!

And yes, although the main description is as a male spirit, the majority of witches and sorcerers, when we evoke the spirit we usually see, feel, or hear a clear feminine spirit.

Satan’s Sigils:

So turning back to Satan, here we will explain some of his real and more used sigils. (right):

Infernal Union Sigils (1,2) and Satan´s Pentagram Sigil (3)

Sigils 1 and 2: Again, these sigils, as many occult symbols represent multiple things at the same time: Satan as a collective (The Infernal Union): In the first sigil is pretty clear: Samael (The poison of God) + Lilith, Masculine + Feminine forces unified. We can also see the "Ying-Yang" union within diverse illuminative or ascended based theisms, such as in Hinduism: (Shiva/Vittra + Shakti).


The feminine energy (Shakti) emerges from Muladhara (Root Chakra), as chaos, creativity, and sensuality. It dances through the Kundalini, but without the space, the stability and the directive laws of the masculine (Shiva). Shakti is madness. Shakti wastes its own power for no logical reason in its expression. Only through union, the individual becomes enlightened.


Herein enters the Baphomet figure, usually identified with The Devil, Satan and Lilith (Kali Ma as well). It is the occult symbol of self-deification, which contains this male and female principle and carries the goat head too (among other characteristics we will not enter here). The Goat head represents force, power and strength (another masculine trait), used to represent demons all around the world and present in the mad Arab Necronomicon´s "evil" rites performed by forbidden cults.


Also, we can’t forget that the Goat head has a huge similarity with the feminine reproductive organs. It could also be a symbolic representation of the Eye of Horus (Udyat) which represents the Pineal Gland and its form on the human brain (Third Eye)?


There are some theories about the pentagram as a representation of the reversed holy trinity, like a cross inverted because the three points are pointing down.

We really don’t all agree, but if you want to attribute this to the pentagram, that is completely fine.


From Michael W. Ford (We have to remark that M. Ford is an atheist. He sees these entities as archetypes.):

"Baphomet, a syncretic deific mask, which, in Luciferianism has the inner Black Alchemical component representing Liberation, Illumination, & Apotheosis. The Leviathan Ouroboros (the element of Water, key to the Abyssic Chaos), encircling SAMAEL & LILITH (the self-awareness of the elements of Fire, Earth, Air & Spirit) to come into being to beget the Beast (as Baphomet, Cain, represented as the Black Adept = a symbol of Balance, Power, Wisdom & Strength).


What does Baphomet represent within Luciferianism? The layers of symbol and cipher, along with the syncretic iconography has a distinct and deep association within many aspects and different paths within the Luciferian tradition. Baphomet not only represents the mysteries of inner alchemy, known as the 'Infernal Union', also to the aspirant with self-determination, opening the gates of the abyss and the wisdom-entrenched liminality of initiation upon the Left-Hand Path. Baphomet and the Sabbatic Goat are presented in several often unrecognized layers of hidden knowledge, a theriomorphic 'black mirror' which shines back to the beholder of night: the luminous flame inherent and an obscure birth-right of those cultivating the Black Flame.


There are associations from the spelling of the name, specifically with the near eastern connections between Mohammed and Mahomet. The consideration that Baphomet or 'Bafomet' is a corruption of the Arabic abufihamat, meaning 'Father of Understanding'. The Arabic root FHM, means 'knowledge' and also 'black' (thus black being sacred to some aspects of Islam and Sufis), the Seat of Knowledge."

*The 4 symbols around the sigil are simply reading "S-A-T-A-N"


3) The symbol, with the time was getting simplified as we can see in the third image (3).

The letters, now translated still read Satan.


Satan´s Masculine Sigils:

Satan Behemoth X

There are more than one masculine sigil, but 2022 is a very special year for The Devil and His sons and daughters, a new gate is open, and the energies are floating in the air.


And our dear friend Joe a.k.a "Behemoth X", after an intense ritual work with Satan, received this connection seal.

It´s beautiful and magnetic!


After some work with the sigil we found that this calls on a very masculine version of Satan, deep and demonic.

So, this can be used for that purpose too.


Emissary Zarael: "Father revealed to me that the two inverted crosses represent Him as being Samael-Luciferi, The Emperor, but also Ha Satan over all Satans. There is also the twofold mystery of there being Ha Satan and the King Satan (Lord Azazel)."

Satan´s Feminie Sigils:


Other Satan Sigils:

Again in 2022, in February our Hierophant channeled this sigil, it represents "Satania" or "Satana", the feminine aspect of Satan. The collective spirit, the all in one Demoness, a feminine Metagod/ess.


This symbol (The Devil Star) also represents a lot of spiritual concepts and contains various mysteries about The Devil and the demonic enlightment, mysteries that we don´t treat here.

This is also one of the main symbols of our religion:

"The Devilism", (Check for more information.)

On the left, Sigil for Satania (or Satana), the feminine aspect of Satan, Satan´s Shaktic essence.

She embodies a Daemonic collective (and spiritual) of feminine entities as one meta-goddess. A communion of many in one.

She is part of Ha Shatan (The Satanic Collective) and Satan (Shaitan / Iblis) as one (meta-god).

Matroness and early guide of Satania´s coven & Noctula V. (Satania´s coven´s high priestess).

Satania is a major goddess for "The Black Angels" working-patheon too.

"Satania", (Check for more information.)

satan ona.png

On the left, Sigil or symbol used to represent Satan by the Order Of The Nine Angles (ONA or O9A).


According to our experience, this calls a quite violent, vampiric, and powerful version of Satan, with reptilian traits and quite obscure features and sensations.


We recommend experience working with the sigil, but keep your balance, be realistic, and keep your common sense.

Other Satan Sigils:

Throne Satan

This sigil is The Throne Seal of Satan, a Qliphothic seal, usually beside The Angle Key of Satan.


You can find this sigil (and very good practices) in The Book of Sitra Achra (current 218)

(*Check our recommended list of books in our section of recommendations, Click here.)


This sigil can be used for many things, and some are mysteries, secrets you must discover on your own.

Other Satan Sigils:


This is the symbol from Dukante, but usually without circle, as S. Connolly usually do too.


It represents Satan, The All, or any of the Nine Divinities.


It can be used to invocations and possessions,

as the trace of the image suggests (it ends point to you, to the south)


It is use and simple, a great and easy form to work with, perfect for beginners and practitioners of all kinds.

The Energetic Implications of The Inverted Pentagram:

"Fools do not know what they are doing. Energy is being sent up. It should go into the earth to replenish her. The overuse of the point-up pentagram is throwing the energies into space,causing a number of problems, and draining the earth of her ability to defend herself against these problems."

-Satan (About the Pentacle -Not the Pentagram!)(From Joy of Satan) (*Acording to them Satan is Lucifer too)


The pentagram is a symbol of the Left Hand Path and Vampirism, concepts related to bringing prana (Chi) down, to the individual (or planet) to accumulate power. (*Read about the Qi Gong or practical Taoism exercises and the importance of storing energy, usually in the lower Dan-Tien -stomach-, as the bowels are an electric battery -and 2nd brain, the emotional connected brain-, in fact they look like a resistor for a reason.


The Three Dantians

Have you heard about the concept of "San Bao", The 3 Treasures?

3 dan.jpg

"In the sky there are three Treasures: the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. In Man, there are also Three Treasures: the Jing, the Qi and the Shen." -Taoist proverb


"The Triple Burner is comprised of the three lower chakras, the lowermost two which are utilized to send Chi up into the Solar Plexus chakra wherein it is stored for offensive or defensive maneuvers, spiritual/Energy weapons also." -Emissary Zarael


So, it’s natural that so many Right Hand Path white Witches and Sorcerers use the Pentacle (pointing-up). They work to elevate, we work, usually to condensate, (i.e. Solve et Coagula.)

Even the early mystical Christians used the pointing-up pentacle.


Pentacle, Religious Best Seller Symbol

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think about the pentagram is a Satanic cult. However, only in the last one hundred years or so have the Satanic cults used the pentagram. And the pentagram has to be inverted in order to symbolize Satan. In the past, the pentagram has belonged to many other religions. Some of these include Judaism, Paganism and even early Christianity. Note that earlier it was mentioned that the cross has to be inverted to symbolize Satan? Well, it was also supposedly used by early Christians in the same way. The pentagram symbolized the five wounds of Christ for medieval Christians and it is also symbolic of the five senses."

The Alchemical Star:

The five phases are: Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), Water (水 shuǐ), and Wood (木 mù).


"The Elements in the Alchemical Star are simply the Chinese interpretation of and correspondences with the Elements. They are also used in Chinese Astrology. (i.e. mine is Year of the Serpent with the Element Wood, so I am a Wood Serpent.)" -Emissary Zarael


Some practitioners change some elements ( and their cardinal location on the pentacle) depending their tradition.


See here, how the Element Wood is changed for The Spirit, also the order of Elements on this picture (right) is completely different than the figure above.

Venus x

Lucifer, Venus, The Astrologic Orbit and Sacred Geommetry:

Venus is related to Lucifer. Okay, we all know that.

And some people attribute Lucifer / Satan as the same being. Okay, we all know that.

Now take a look at these images. They represent the perfect orbit of Venus, drawing a pentagram.


This leads us to Venus and his association with Hell´s Dimensions (or some of Hell´s Dimensions).

Do you know that Venus has been classified as the "Lake of Fire", the "Hellfire Planet", the fiercest and hottest planet in our system by the scientists?


Look at these different orbital patterns.

Some of the things that Sacred Geometry explains is that these patterns are related to the elements and to the Solfeggio tones, among other things.


Here, for example, we can see the different geometrical forms in The Flower Of Life pattern. They, as well, are associated with the five elements of which everything is comprised. Another coincidence?:


The Yezidi and Satan:

"The Yezidi tribe has origins to original followers of ‘Umayid Caliph Yezid I, who was a contemporary and follower of Muhammad. Yezid I is credited with the murder of Husain, son of ‘Ali and Fatima and the grandson of Muhammad on the 10th of October, 680 A.D. while this is not observed fact.


The Yezidi are Kurdish speaking tribes which blend Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, Mesopotamian, Nestorian Christian, Sabaean, pre-Islamic religions, Christianity, Sufism and Islam which earned them the title of “Devil Worshippers”. The name of Yezidi may derive from the old Zoroastrian word of Angels, Yazads (Yazatas). As a highly syncretic religion, the Yezidi have methods which utilize various traditions of both spiritual and magical practice."

The Islamic ‘Shaitan’ is manifest in the form of the Peacock:

"The Angel known as Melek Ta’us, was revealed to the Yezidi by Adi ibn Musafir around 1100 A.D. . He was a shaykh from Baalbek in Lebanon. Melek Ta’us, the Lord Peacock, is one aspect of the Muslim Shaitan. The two forms of Melek Ta’us, as the intermediary spirit between man and Allah. Melek Ta’us, while still a representation of the Adversary, plays a more beneficial role to the Yezidi. Melek Ta’us was created Lord of the Earth. His roles are many: the Tempter, Prince of Devils, the Strong One, the Wicked One, Enemy, the Hostile One and Prince of Darkness.


The Yezidi veneration of Melek Ta’us has his statue depicting him in the form of a peacock; the Black Snake is also a part of the cult as one is carved onto the door of the tomb of Sheikh Adi. The two cult statues of Melek Ta’us are known as sanjaq. The angelology of the Yezidi is Muhammadan in structure; Archangels such as Jabrail, Mikha’il the rain bringer; Azra’il the Angel of Death; Didra’il; Rafa’il; Shemka’il; Azazil, the Devil as Azrafil.

-From: Drauga-Ahrimanian-Yatuk-Dinoh (by Michael W. Ford) (*Check our recommended books page.You can buy from Amazon with cheaper prices.)


Some Advanced Gnosis from Satan (By Emissary Zarael):

There is much confusion within the Left Hand Path community as to who Satan is or isn’t and who Lucifer is or isn’t. I feel that it isn’t enough to state what I have come to learn, but also how I came to my conclusions. This information will be delivered also via my YouTube channel for the Order under the topic “Who is Lucifer?”.


Back in 2018 close to Saturnalia, Father led me to a grimoire that has an interesting lack of two very important names in the listings of Demons and no reference to them.

I highly recommend every LHP Practitioner at least read the introductory chapters if not also reach Lucifer via the grimoire’s outlined method. Combined with the ways He has manifested to me and my relentless questions about the matter as I have been seeking Him and getting to know Him better, the grimoire really made me question my ideas as time went on.

It’s called “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons” by Theodore Rose and the Order of Unveiled Faces.

It was brand new when I found it, published in 2018 while searching for books about Lucifer.

Apparently, they have been practicing this path-working for over fifty years.


(*Check or recommended books page, you can buy our recommended books with cheaper prices directly from there on Amazon. Click here)

The first time I saw Lord Lucifer was in a dream during the years when I was translocated with Lilith partially possessing me constantly. I just knew that the Entity was Lucifer, but I did have the assumption that Lucifer and Lilith were mates.

I had a question about how to recognize an Incarnate from a Human and didn’t direct it to anyone in particular, but one night a handsome man with long black hair showed up in the Astral holding two guys by the scruff of the neck, one in each hand. One had typical Human eyes and the other had completely black eyes. He said, “This is is an Incarnate” making clear it was the guy with black eyes. It was comical really. He can be funny. This was long before the show Supernatural showed any characters with black eyes, by the way. It isn’t just the possessed who look that way.


So, nearly two decades later, I used the Rose grimoire, practicing reaching out to Lucifer and He showed up with the long black hair and I recognized Him. When I used another grimoire specifically for Angel path-working, I went through ArchAngel Raziel to reach ArchAngel Samael and I had the distinct sense that it was the same Entity, but presenting a bit rougher around the edges, so to speak, from battle, wearing armor and looking a bit older. The Energy signature was the same.


More recently, when I experienced the Black Baptism on the Other Side, I prayed beforehand to both Lucifer and Father Satan (I still wasn’t clear about Whom is Who) for the Black Baptism because I had been through A’Arab Zaraq during my Dark Ascension process and wanted to do something to show and signify my allegiance since I had messed things up so badly well over a decade ago. The Entity who walked up to me in the Astral (dream space connecting me with the Other Side and superimposing the realms) was quite tall, seemed a bit more thickly built than the Entity I had met with long black hair as Lucifer, and more like Samael, but with blond hair. The Energy signature was far more powerful and electric. It was exactly the same as the Energy I felt when my bed was shaken.


Not long after that, I was drawn to watch the My Dark Experience videos and when the opening scene of the woman falling into the water and coming back up was playing, I got chills. It looked exactly like the Black Baptism and I felt the witness. I knew after watching the videos that I would have to reach out to Satania (The Coven) about me doing a video, not only due to the opening scene, but the witness I felt from the music and the video content as well.


Anyway, later I was working on learning various levels of possession and one night it was with Lord Azazel. I asked Him about the Witness I felt in extremely haunted places. I should add here that I have been requesting that Father and Lord Azazel crank up their Energy as high as possible- to the most intense degree that I could handle. I have also been grilling them both- to the extent that they would tolerate it- as to Whom is Who in the Empire since there is a lot of confusion and regardless of who and what I am in this skin, I can’t remember much.

Lord Azazel put out the same Energy signature that I feel when watching the original The Amityville Horror movie. That sensation is what fascinated me with the Infernal in my teens in the late 1970’s long before I knew anything about it. I was drawn to it like flies to flypaper. What Lord Azazel said was that when heavy rituals are performed in a space and the highest ranking Entities manifest, that Energy not only remains in the space but can literally drive any inhabitants completely mad if they move in afterward and the space had not been cleared. So, the Energy signatures I’m talking about from Lord Azazel and Lord Lucifer are enough to drop a mundane on their ass most likely.

Why I mention that is because Lord Azazel’s Energy is also heavy but very unique from what I felt from the Entity who pushed me into the water on the Other Side and shook my bed so long ago. It is powerful, dark and heavy and would give the average person the heebie jeebies. It isn’t electrified or as heavy as Lord Lucifer’s. Lord Lucifer’s Energy at full power (when not feeling tender or fun-loving) would terrify a mundane. The fight or flight response kicks in because the reptile part of the brain senses a different species far more powerful and when combined with His use of electromagnetism and even seismic energy or storms, there is really no way to explain it perfectly as to how it feels.

While Samael can either project a milder Energy signature or a heavy electric one, it’s nothing like Azazel’s. It feels utterly foreign. I think this ramped up clairsentience is the reason why Father (present in Dragon form) blinded me via Grandmaster Lee (Bruce Lee) during my experience with Grandmaster Lee. It was apparent to me that I would learn how to feel, but I had no idea how or to what extent. Combined with improving clairvoyance, not too bad clairaudiance and pretty good claircognizance, it’s probably the most important ability I have now. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to discern anything! I had no idea that I would be reading Energy signatures and the Demonic Witness besides Spirit/Soul complexes via eyes decades later.


Emotional Associations (By Emissary Zarael & Noctula Vyxen):

Prince Asmodeus.jpg

Daemons can project whatever Energy They are on an emotional Energetic level to any degree depending on how They are “feeling” for lack of a better word. They can project a lighter or heavier Energy signature also. So, the Energy signature is typically the same always but there can be emotional Energy also. For example, both Lord Azazel and Lord Asmodi have a tendency at times to show up with a very heavy lust Energy that can deeply stimulate the Sacral Chakra!


Noctula Vyxen: Some daemons like Asmoday, -even though the Ars Goetia does not mention any lust or wrath aspects- are deeply associated with emotions like lust, wrath (see The Devil´s Wrath), or even the impetuous impulse to bet (gambling). Obviously these fierce emotions, when uncontrolled, drive toward mundane problems.

(*Image (left): The Daemon Prince Asmodeus, from Rennes-Le-Chateau, France)

The origins of the Daeva Aeshma are found in the ancient Bronze Age Maryannu, Aryan invading ‘warrior bands’ who practiced cattle-raids and whose culture was founded on the sacred cult of war.

The Gathas of the reformer Zarathustra reflect the hostility of the Aryan invaders.

Mary Boyce, in her study “Priests, Cattle and Men” explains: "‘Aesma’ is a technical term for the state of furor that the warriors cultivated for battle. Hazah is formed from the Avestan verb ‘haz’, ‘to seize’ and is always used in the context of forcible seizure…’Rema’ (or ‘Rama’) occurs only two other times in the Avesta, but in both of these it is directly associated with ‘Aesma’ – and with those who are hostile to cattle…’Dares’ is a hapax legomenon but is etymologically related to the English ‘dare’…finally, the ox complains of tevis, which…comes from a verbal root meaning ‘to swell’, and seems to denote the warrior’s swelling with energy after having eaten heartily and drunk of intoxicating brews’"

(*Click here to read more about Asmodeus)


(*On the right: Ahrimanian Sigil of Aeshma, Daeva of Aggressive Impulse)

This drives us to one of the mysteries of our spiritual current and why The Vindex (Antichrist as a title) the current Incarnate, Asmodeus (Hierophant), will lead the new legion of warriors (Incarnates) to this spiritual battle (War)

(*See Devilism, The 7 Sons (Incarnations) of The Devil & The Antichrist on Earth)

Aeshma, Satania.png

Another good example is the Goetic Daemon Andras and his bad vibes, negative emotions and/or excessive evil darkness when some practitioners call him. He (or she) is the killer of men, so, obviously he resonates with the "pre-murder" feeling of intense hate and repulsion for the living individual, a malevolent rage, and of course, if this is not properly directed, again, problems.


(*Image (left): Andras, one of his oldest representations)


There are thousands of deities associated with emotions or mental concepts: Aphrodite (Love), Cthulhu (Chaos), Baco (Drunkenness), Saturn (Wisdom), Morpheus (Sleep), Phoenix Phenex (Rebirth), Zagan (Conversion), etc.

Lord Azazel as Satan (By Emissary Zarael):

As for the appearance of Lord Azazel, when not using the form of Melek-Taus, this is the best I have ever seen.

(*see the picture on the right)

Several years ago, Lord Azazel came to me in the Astral without hiding His appearance whatsoever. I had no idea Who He was and He scared the ever living crap out of me. His form is like a humanoid form with fire running through it. His skin is dark. His eyes aren’t fiery though. They are a beautiful yellow-orange. They are like a cross between goat and Human. Better still they are between goat and Star Wars Sith.

Azazel eyes x.jpg

Rose’s grimoire does not list Lord Azazel or ArchAngel Samael. Rose also says that people who use the typical Lucifer Sigil, get an egregore because it’s inaccurate.

What really strikes me as interesting is his emphasis on the fact that there is “no light bearer”, but that Lucifer is the one you go to before summoning others.


The Four Kings according to Rose are: Lucifer, Leviathan, Shatan (spelled different purposely due to mispronunciation otherwise as it should be more like Shaitan) and Belial. The Eight Dukes of Lucifer are: Astaroth, Asmodi, Oriens, Ariton, Magoth, Beelzebub, Paymon, and Amaymon. The term “King” is tossed around a lot on the Left Hand Path since a number of Demons are listed in old grimoires as such, but there are four, so that is important. Lord Lucifer is both Emperor of the Infernal Empire and one of the Kings.

According to The Book of Sitra Achra, another book Father wanted me to have and use, Lord Lucifer is the Emperor. According to some Demonolaters, Samael is “Ha Satan”, the “Satan” over all other “Satans”.



Names and pronunciation matter and since part of my job here on this planet in a meat suit is as an Emissary of the Name, I feel that it’s important to pass this along. Lord Asmodi prefers “Asmodi” or, “Asmodei/Asmoday”. Belial is pronounced “Bell-lee-al”. My research has led me to decide to usually call “Beelzebub” by His name “Ba’al Zebhul” because “Beelzebub” is an insult created by the Israelites when driving out the Dark Gods. Ba’al Zebhul means “Lord of Lords”, That is a title later stolen by Jehovah / Yahweh, son of El and Yahweh’s son’s followers for the false god. “Bah” and “al” or “el” are separated in pronunciation. It is not pronounced “Bale”. Azazel is not pronounced “A-Zay-Zel”, but rather “Ah-zahz-el”.


My names are “Uazarel”, pronounced “Oo-ah-zar-el” (Soul- masculine) and “Zarael” (Spirit-feminine), pronounced “Zah-rah-el”. Sometimes I simply go by “Zar”, the masculine which means, “strange one/stranger” or on the Other Side (as Spirit), “Zara” which means “shining one” or “princess”, the latter very fitting because of my actual title from lineage. That is how names work. They signify a job, characteristics, even the very intention put into the forging of the Soul.


My Soul came first with the Emissary and liberator energies, to help liberate the Dark Children, especially from El and his son Yahweh and their programming. Spirit came later and my name became Zarael, but Zar is still the essence. Understand? The Jewish people think that El means “God” because they see El as being their God. Children and soldiers and their descendants can end up with “el” as a suffix so that my name as Zarael means “Shining One, Princess of God”, whereas Uazarel means “Stranger of God” as pure ArchDemon. I have the rare option to work with Father on both sides of the War as Zarael because I’m part Seraph and the daughter of Samael. Really, then, El/ God, in this sense, places Samael as God which is a fine bit of spittle in El’s face, if I do say so myself!


Entities with “El” as a suffix are either currently working for Yahweh, a child of El, or worked for him. (*See how Jehova shares a sacrifice with Azazel in the desert -The Bible-) Father is the only one who works both sides of the War so that He can adequately assess what is going on. The exceptions are like myself, children of the children or soldiers of El. El is the one the Israelites follow. He is a Canaanite war and storm god, not the creator. He is the Demiurge as a destroyer and punisher, but the Demiurge is not The Creator. There is no Creator, but many powerful Entities capable of being creators, such as the Seraphim (fiery serpents, feathered serpents) like Father.


Who are Lucifer and Satan?

Unfortunately, the Christian Gnostics and some Left Hand Path Gnostic-leaning people have sewn confusion, claiming that Lord Samael is the Demiurge, that the Demiurge is The Creator, some even claiming that Lucifer was the one crucified. A book called “The Forbidden Religion” has made things worse twisting ideas around like tangled barbed wire.

Father stood up to El and his family, but that is a story for another day. There is much to this War, such as Interplanetary and Inter-dimensional Territorial Law, which El twisted and perverted, conning humans into a blood pact and thus handing the planet over to him when Samael, fighting against that plan all along had convinced Humanity not to listen to El and Yaweh and to develop instead. That is why to this day, people are fighting religious wars they don’t even understand. El wanted total domination for enslavement. Samael wants liberation with as few necessary rules and regulations as possible.


When doing some research about Samael, one site equated Him with Azazel, which I found odd. I have also seen Lucifer equated with Samael and Satan being equated with all of them. Then, there is the Roman God, Whom, according to a prominent Demonolater, is apparently quite angry that someone else is using His name and there is also a recording by a Right Hand Path Witch about evoking or invoking Lucifer and wherein the Witch is saying that Lucifer has nothing to do with Demons!


Research combined with Father explain it so: The Abrahamic Christian faiths started equating Satan with Lucifer, especially after the Roman Catholic Church’s translators translated “Halel” , “Morning Star”, or “Venus” as “Lucifer” (in The Book of Isaiah) like the Roman God when Jehovah was rebuking a king and comparing him to the planet Venus. Later in the New Testament, Yeshua said that he saw Satan fall from Heaven like lightning. An epic story came about concerning The Great Rebellion, especially amongst Evangelical Protestants, about Satan convincing one-third of Heaven’s Angels to rebel against God. And so, it’s very solid in Christendom that Satan and Lucifer are one and the same.

When the Emperor’s followers started calling upon Lucifer, the Emperor responded. So, to this day, the Emperor and Lucifer are equated on the Left Hand Path too, but there are subtle nuances of this truth.


When researching Azazel, one may find Him being equated with Shaitan/ Iblis. What really helped me understand that Lord Azazel is Shatan is that the things you would call upon Lord Azazel for, such as assistance with psychic abilities, are the same as what Rose lists for Shatan. Also, if Lord Samael is Ha Satan, Satan over all Satans, He wouldn’t be merely listed only as a King, as Shatan. Lucifer is considered the King through which you must go in order to reach all other Demons. So, even if only referring to Rose’s grimoire and not taking into consideration The Book of Sitra Achra claiming that Lucifer is Emperor, it leaves only one other possibility: Azazel is Shatan and Samael is Lucifer.

When I was one with Mother Lilith long ago, what She taught me was that “Satan” is a title and there are more than Satan. She also gave me gnosis that children of Incarnates created by Her and Azazel would have descendants that would become traditional or theistic Satanists, that Her and Lucifer’s Descendants would be Demons Incarnate and that Her and Cain’s Children and Descendants would be Vampires. Now I know also that Her and Lucifer/ Samael’s children are sometimes Incubi or Succubi or hybrids like myself with Succubus or Incubus mixed with ArchAngel of the Seraphim species.


The symbol of the goat is associated with Azazel, not Samael. Sacrificing goats is a very bad idea, incidentally. It’s like a Hindu sacrificing a cow. While the Baphomet Sigil is often used to represent Samael and Lilith’s union, the goat symbolism is more closely related to Azazel and to the Infernal Spirit of Satanism in general even though it does not represent Lord Samael as a separate Entity.


So, what I now know is the following:

There are more than one Entity answering to the Name “Lucifer”. One is the Roman God. He is not and never has been a so-called “deific mask” nor the original that would spawn masks. He is a completely different and entirely unrelated Entity. He can be reached, according to Father, using this Sigil:


Depending on your intentions, this Sigil doesn’t draw the light side of Lucifer (Angelic Aspect). It draws the Roman God.


He’s quite lovely really. The first time I evoked Him He started working on the Ascension Chakras in my head and it felt blissful!

He has wavy shoulder length blond hair and was wearing white. He’s quite pretty.


The Appropriate Sigils for Lucifer:

Notice, the awkward and upward tilting Sigil on the lower right and how it is different from what we usually use on the LHP. The one we usually use is great for jewelry that shows others that we love Him, but it’s not the best for evocation or invocation. However, that is changing. The other night I purposely evoked the egregore using the typical Sigil in Father’s presence so that Father could destroy it and absorb the Energy that should have gone to Him to begin with!

(*You can find them in "Grimorium Verum", Click here!)

Lord and Emperor Lucifer of the LHP is Ha Satan, my dear Father Samael, the Satan over all Satans. He was also a winged Canaanite god who rebelled. The “Satan” people call upon in Circles as a King of Hell is Shatan/ Shaitan/ Iblis/ Azazel.

The Satans Dark Pagans commune with can be Lord Cernnunos (also lovely- met Him in the early 90’s on an Astral journey) or the beautiful seductive Pan- especially the more hedonistic of us. Lord Cernnunos was sad when I met Him.

He said that He was lonely. That was in Earth time in 1991. I hope that more people are calling upon Him these days!


There is a general spirit of Satan that is like a group egregore from our love for Father and it helps unite us to an extent.

There is also a great Satanic Spirit of Satanism itself. Then, there is Baphomet.

Lord/Lady Baphomet:


Lord/Lady Baphomet is really interesting. S/He is an egregore created, not by Humans but by Samael and Lilith’s union. The form, however, is an egregoric form built by Eliphas Levi, who was inspired by the real egregore. While Xians call upon Shekinah to come into their hearts and are “born again” and may later request to be filled with the Holy Spirit, Father and Mother send Baphomet when requested. Baphomet has similar Energy to Lord Azazel and works really well with theistic Satanists.

Baphomet is for our enlightenment by connecting us with our Gods, specifically Samael and Lilith, Who teach us and Who for most are adoptive Parents. Without them there is no enlightenment! Baphomet is the Infernal Spirit that binds us together as a family. The whole idea is to have a close personal relationship with Father and Mother like Xians have with the false god.

Even many Xians have no idea that is possible for them. They go to Church, try to be decent people (if sincere) and pray once or twice a day unless something is needed. So it is with the Dark Children. So many do not believe, let alone know, that the Dark Gods are real or what that even means. Some do rituals and some will pray, but how many are connected all the time? Synchronicities are far more common with such a lifestyle of constant connection, growth and guidance.

(*Ilustration of the right: Baphomet by Eliphas Levi, also known by "Goat of Mendes" or "Sabbatic Goat" from his book: "Trascendental Magick")

For several nights when working with levels of possession, I asked Father to take me deeper and deeper each night. I wanted to feel very connected with Him all the time. One night, I saw Him in the Astral in His ‘beautiful man with long black hair’ mode. Then I felt the dark Presence that feels much like Lord Azazel. Then I was being taken over, sent to a wall with my back to it, raised up, sliding up the wall and onto the ceiling looking down. Well, that was different! Be careful what you ask for!


Baphomet works exactly the same way the Holy Spirit works for the followers of the false god. You feel connected with both Infernal Parents, though, not just Father, but you may feel more connected to one than to the other. For me, it’s Father because I spent years with Lilith already.


You are more easily taught and guided by Father any time of the day or night by simply calling upon Him. You regularly feel a constant connection unless you are disappointing Father somehow. He then withdraws that connection to let you know that you need to find out how you are screwing up. Once you figure it out and commune with Him about it, when He’s satisfied that you’re back on track, you will feel that connection again. When you evoke or invoke Him the connection then strengthens and you can talk with Him directly. Otherwise, Baphomet acts like eyes and ears for the Infernal Empire and like a conduit for learning, growth and enlightenment, making connection easier. Baphomet also can confirm signs and signals given to a follower by witnessing to the truth to another.


The enn for general connection with Father is “Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer”. If you use that enn and truly believe in Him, my Father will respond. ...unless you’re screwing up.


As for the dark and light sides, He wants you to know “Don’t worry about that, Dark Children”. Just reach out to Him and He will come to you in the way you need Him to. He knows!


Father wouldn’t come to me in His heavier presence until I figured all of this out. Finally, after so many times asking Father to ramp up the juice, promising I wouldn’t freak out and run for the proverbial hills, I found a heavy duty ritual on YouTube featuring chanting to invoke the Golden Dragon aspect. I put it up on my big screen, put headphones on and at first listened only and felt out what it was like. I started getting into the chanting and then it happened. I felt the full power I felt during my Black Baptism and the night my bed was shaken. I think it was the next time going through it that I was given a vision of part the left side of His face in reptilian form. I saw His chiseled cheek bone and His beautiful left red eye and part of His forehead. His skin is like a charcoal black. Please do remember that the Seraphim species are “fiery serpents” and “feathered serpents”.


(1): Sigil for Samael and Lilith, (2): Satania’s Baphomet Sigil (The Infernal Spirit),

(3 & 4): Sigils For Azazel/ Shaitan/ Shatan: Technically, the (3) is Lord Azazel as King of Hell. However, it also represents Satanism in general as it also represents the Baphomet, a.k.a. Infernal Spirit as Satan. It doesn’t represent the Emperor. The correct version for the Emperor is what I listed for Lucifer.

(4): To those who may be wondering about this alternative sigil for Azazel. This one is particularly useful if you require something removed from you (like a construct or a deep attachment), or some sort of healing, restorative, surgery, or repair work (for example if you were attacked viciously by enemies). This aspect of Azazel has always appeared to me as an ebon black, nomadic shaman with a staff, sporting a hairdo similar to long dreads.


If you firmly stand in allegiance to Emperor Lucifer and the Infernal Empire for eternity with full knowledge that the Dark Gods are real intelligent Entities that do not need us in order to exist, and you are firmly on the Left Hand Path in your allegiance with no fence-sitting and no communion with the false god’s soldiers except for Lord Samael, you may use this.


(*See the graphic on the left)

Unless you meet those criteria, it is unwise to use the Seal of the Empire or the key.


This is what I use as Their kid, as part of the Royal Family and as an Emissary to the Throne between the Infernal Empire and Humanity.


(*See the graphic on the right)

The Christian View of Satan:

"Satan, also called “The Adversary” or “The Devil”, is the enemy of all righteousness and of those who seek to follow God. He is a spirit son of God who was once an angel “in authority in the presence of God”  -(Doctrine and Covenants 76:25; see also Isaiah 14:12; Doctrine and Covenants 76:26–27).

But in the pre-mortal Council in Heaven, Lucifer, as Satan was then called, rebelled against God. Since that time, he has sought to destroy the children of God on the Earth and to make them miserable. (!?One primary issue in the conflict between God and Satan is agency. Agency is a precious gift from God; it is essential to His plan for His children. In Satan’s rebellion against God, Satan “sought to destroy the agency of man” -(Moses 4:3).


He said: “I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor” -(Moses 4:1).


Satan persuaded “a third part of the hosts of heaven” to turn away from the Father -(Doctrine and Covenants 29:36). As a result of this rebellion, Satan and his followers were cut off from God’s presence and denied the blessing of receiving a physical body -(see Revelation 12:9).


Heavenly Father (lol) allows Satan and Satan’s followers to tempt us as part of our experience in mortality -(see 2 Nephi 2:11–14; Doctrine and Covenants 29:39). Because Satan “seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself” -(2 Nephi 2:27), he and his followers try to lead us away from righteousness.

He directs his most strenuous opposition at the most important aspects of Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness. For example, he seeks to discredit the Savior and the priesthood, to cast doubt on the power of the Atonement, to counterfeit revelation, to distract us from the truth, and to contradict individual accountability. He attempts to undermine the family by confusing gender, promoting sexual relations outside of marriage, ridiculing marriage, and discouraging childbearing by married adults who would otherwise raise children in righteousness.

Individuals do not have to give in to Satan’s temptations. Each person has the power to choose good over evil.

The Christian View Conclusion:

Here again, they assimilate Satan as Lucifer. There are some truths like the war on the Demiurg (Demiurge), the ridiculous sexually oppressive practices (and this is more an Asmodian tendency), and the dissolution of the continuous polarization. He’s beyond feminine and masculine, light and darkness, good and bad.

So, this will take us to another mystery: Lucifer is light, the light bearer (or "Who Brings Knowledge"), Prometheus, and He’s the prettiest fallen angel bound to Earth by his proudness.

Satan is chaos, order, the angelic accuser, now made of fire. He is Set the King of eternal darkness, Ahriman and Iblis.

Are Lucifer and Satan enemies as some adepts suggest, basing their claims upon the Sumerian legends of Enki and Enlil?

Are they different sides of the same coin?


Again, the faces of Satan, this powerful Metagod, seem to be endless.

Discover his mysteries for yourself!


"Satan is an antihuman, Noncosmic entity. Satan is antihuman in that it exists in parts of the multiverses that are part of the immense spectrum of negations of this existence. Satan is 'being', which is largely at odds with how humanity experience life, here and now." -Liber Aberration

Hail Satan, Ave Satanis.

*Some of the Magick Works we offer with him (Satan):



SATANIA ATTUNEMENT_edited_edited.jpg

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