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Daemonic Message:



For this service we have channeled 101 different messages from multiple deities and spirits.

These messages are consecrated and stored in a magick cauldron in our ritual chamber.

When any adept orders this service, our witches will mix the messages conjuring the infernal while they mention your name (or magick name) and then will pick one.


The message selected will be sent by email to you.

The message is a brief sentence, guidance, riddle or lesson; it includes the name of the deity who provides the message.


*Note: These are brief messages, usually one sentence or little paragraph, that is what helps us to keep this service so cheap and affordable for anyone.


*Note II: Please, for this concrete service do not expect us for interpretations, or any personal opinion about the message; you will have to meditate or see how the words relate to you.



We Just Need:

· Your full name (magick name if you have)

· Your age

· The city where you live

Daemonic Message

€8.00 Regular Price
€5.00Sale Price
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