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Falciferian Pack Of Travel Rites:  With Falcifer / Asmodeus´s Incarnation / The Vindex 3rd Antichrist Satania´s & Akashian´s Hierophant. He is the eternal avenger and the dark power of the Infernal Forces incarnated. He is the Black Dragon made of the sacred fire of passion and knowledge, the Satanic Master´s Essence, The Seductor and the God of Sex.


Energy Influx: This is a dark rite of initiation wherein He is blessing and protecting you, sending you energy, assisting and boosting your Out of Body Experiences. Receiving the influx from Him directly to you, one-to-one.


14 Days of Practices: Aspects like: food, sleep quality and quantity, conscious state during the sleep (usually dormant or disconnected) will be controlled and guided to improve your habits and make easier to develop or awake your psychic skills, all your potential.

If you follow the suggested practices and exercices with discipline you will success.


Personalized Rituals: According to your needs, and under the spiritual reading scope of our Hierophant, additional several magickal operations will be performed by Master Falcifer in order to awake and/or boost your capacity to provoke and control these experiences. These different operations may (or not) involve different entities that will help you in many ways.


Start to explore all your spiritual capacity, being to begin your Dark Ascension.


You will obtain:


  • Astral & Dimensional Protection: Personal protection & techniques.
  • Shadow Work: (Booster and Cleanser)  Fear Killer + Dark Comfort Booster + More Potent Aura & Presence + Personal Daemonic Integrity Booster.
  • Psychic Gifts: Type, number and strength are unique to the person.
  • Mental Enhacement: Disconnection from opressive forces, philosophy booster.
  • Energy Working: Easier Black Flame Ignition + Easier Kundalini Rising + Chakra Activation.
  • Occult Love Working: Tantric Working + Satanic Bliss + Hyper-Sexual Booster (Related to Astral Sex).
  • Magick Boost:  More Empowerment + More Effective Magick & Spells (Specially Devilist Current) + Witchcraft Knowledge (will come) + Synchronicity Increase (Specially Devilist Current).
  • Astronomy & Planetary Understanding: Different Cosmic Gnosis.
  • Spiritual Connection Boost: Easier Spirit Contact & Connection + Easier Daemon Contact & Connection + Easier Dark Angel Connection + Spirit Beasts or Elemental Forces (could emerge near you or your space).
  • Astral Projections (Increased Abilities) + Odd manifestations: All kinds.
  • Soul Travel (Increased Abilities) + Odd manifestations: All kinds.




When you order, we will contact you, please be patient.

We only need a recent photo, your full name, date of birth, the city where you live, sleep patterns and some basic information about your habits.

Falcifer´s Soul Travel (Astral Ritual Pack)

€777.00 Regular Price
€622.00Sale Price
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