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Full Chakra Invigoration (7 Main Chakras)


With this special working, we perform 3 different energetic works to your 7 main chakras:

1 - Attuning: Each one must be attuned to the correct frequency.

2 - Calibrage: Each one has to be as centered as possible.

3- Infusion: We send energy to each one, stimulating their full capacity and forcing them to dissolve possible energetic knots. This infusion, in the case of individuals who already have a healthy and energized system: may awaken, open or empower drastically their whole system and/or Kundalini.


For this operation we generate an astral double that then is reabsorbed by your light bodies and soul complex; this is a body-replica of pure etheric energy.


This rush of energy can be used to stimulate the awakening of your chakras, or, if you already have your chakras "open", to energize and clarify your work.


An additional benefit of this work is that it invigorates the auric shield and your capacity of visualization.


*Note: This operation leasts 7 consecutive days during your sleep; and additional meditations and energetic work must be done per your part.

· If you don’t always go to sleep at the same time, if you drink alcohol, if you drink milk, if you
consume a lot of sugar or meat, etc., a great Chakras awakening can be very difficult.
· If your nervous system and body fats are not prepared, this can easily overwhelm you.
· If your pineal gland (calcified/brain salt), nervous system and your mindset together are not
ready, this can be very overwhelming.

>One of our witches can give you guidance and some steps to follow.

> It doesn’t matter what some healers say, chakras MUST BE recognized by you. They are a real thing, not something that give fake sensations. YOU MUST FEEL YOUR CHAKRAS.


We will send you (via email) some instructions. Some of them can be hard to follow, but if you really want healthy Chakras, you have to stop eating junk-food, excessive sugars, and recreational drugs, and develop and perform a disciplined spiritual lifestyle.
ADVICE: We cannot guarantee that you will know how to close your Chakras once you open them.
So, if you are not prepared and of the correct vibration, you may be so frightened by what you may see, feel, hear, or the visits by the deceased that you may receive, the results may be unpleasant or annoying, so, consider it and think twice. We recommend that you work on it first.
The Process:

Mandatory: Meditations & practices will accelerate the erosion of the calcification of the pineal gland and will boost energy to and through your Third Eye.
Mandatory: Diet. Change it if necessary.
Mandatory: Sex (Ejaculation control).
We only need: your full name, the city where you live and a recent photo.

Full Chakra Invigoration (7 Main Chakras)

€777.00 Regular Price
€444.00Sale Price
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