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This rite is designed to open your mind, and boost its activity, stimulating zones that aren´t used to be active as well and making the learning process faster and easier.


Also, the influence of 3 daemons (Agares, Ronove, Ose) is involved, (wisdom specialists).

They may give you gnosis, intuition or just bring to you the wisdom you´re looking for...


This is a rite of daemonic elightenment, conducted in a hidden chamber deep connected to the astral palaces of wisdom within the ancient, mystical library of Eldertome, a place known for its profound knowledge and arcane secrets. It will also facilitate the acces to the Akashic Records´ wisdom.


Our ritual chamber -during this rite- iwill be adorned with mystical manuscripts, celestial symbols of mental clarity, and artifacts of ancient wisdom.


The rite can increase the release of certain natural chemicals of/in the brain;

promoting your mental focus and agility, and the general processing of data (better  mental flow).

Your memory will be expanded, and it can boost your internal dialogue and creativity.


Daemonic Presences: In their meditation, previous to the study or creative work, the seeker imagines the arrival of Agares, a wise and elderly daemon, bringing knowledge of the earth and practical wisdom. Ronove, a charismatic daemon, shares insights on the arts and eloquence. Ose, a fearless daemon, imparts knowledge of the mystical and the unknown. 3 green candles are recommended.


Communication: The seeker might engage in a mental conversation with the daemons, seeking answers to their questions, guidance on their learning journey, and the unlocking of their inner wisdom.


Exchange of Wisdom: In response to their queries, the daemons provide cryptic riddles, visions, and insights. These wisdom-seeds are carefully recorded in a personal grimoire (or book of shadows) for the seeker to decode and understand over time.


Opening of the Mind: As the seeker continues their work or meditation, they might visualize their mind expanding, with neural pathways lighting up like a constellation of stars. This symbolic act represents the opening of their mind to new knowledge and the readiness to learn faster.


Closing of the Study Rite: The seeker ends the ritual, meditation, work or study with a gesture of thanks to the daemons and their presence, extinguishing the candles (or leaving them until consumption), and placing a protective seal (or the daemons seals) on their grimoire to preserve the wisdom.


Outcome: The seeker emerges from this rite of daemonic enlightenment with a heightened sense of awareness, a thirst for knowledge, and newfound intuition. Their mind has been opened to new avenues of learning, making the process faster and more accessible. The wisdom-seeds given by the daemons serve as a compass on their path of enlightenment, providing guidance and insights that will shape their destiny.

This rite is both a mystical ceremony and a profound learning experience, bridging the realms of the arcane and the intellectual, and offering to the adept a unique and powerful way to accelerate their learning and growth.


When you order, we´ll contact you to program the rite ( )

We only need a recent photo, your full name, birth date and the city where you live.

Learning Faster Ritual

€333.00 Regular Price
€232.00Sale Price
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