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Kisses & Roses Ritual (W/ Lilith)


This ritual opens the portal of Zamargad of-and-with Lilith;

blessing the adept with Her secret pleasures; delights of the mind and body.

Additionally, it infuses a full energetic infusion of love and well-being.


The Zamargad gate is a very special and secret portal and very few demonolaters and practitioners are aware of it.


This operation can have multiple benefits: as expected gifts -usually- it provokes pleasure, comfort, well-being, love sensation, elevation of consciousness, emotional flow and release of past memories, energetic delight, different corporeal sensations, etc..

The many different and additional unexpected blessings -variable to each candidate- they will be the result of Lilith´s personal will and desire with you after opening the portal.

Her influence will bring to you (variable depending on various factors):

· Unhuman pleasure.
· Extreme comfort.
· General well-being.

· Self care / Self Love (To allow yourself to love yourself, to receive and to give love).

· Love sensations (and pure love to you and from you).

· Elevation of consciousness (Raising of vibrational fields of energy / light bodies).

· Emotional flow and release of past memories.

· Pleasant chakra stimulation.

· Energetic delight.

· Multiple & different corporeal sensations. (some quite physical).


Other benefits reported (not always present)

· Psychic Enhancement
· Luck.
· New opportunities will appear.
· Blockages will disappear.
· Synchronicity (Right place, right time).
· Attract people that will help you.
· Remove people that will harm you (Psychic Vampires).
· Refreshing sensation of inner beauty (feeling of youth).


· We provide an additional boosting practice with instructions:

A daemonic chant (video mantra) that can be used as an additional tool to boost the results of "Lilith´s Kisses & Roses" Ritual, channeled to receive Lilith´s blessings, love, well-being, comfort and influence in your life. This mantra has to be repeated vibrating in a normal tone of voice or whispering following the instructions that will be provided.


Additionally to the performance of the ritual, we provide information about the offerings related to this operation.
The more you will attune with Her and Her guidance, the more power the operation will have.

We will contact us to program the day to start, please be patient ( )
We only need:
· Recent Photograph (With the arms open)
· Full name

· D.O.B.

· Current City

· Sleep Patterns

Kisses & Roses (W/ Lilith)

€250.00 Regular Price
€99.00Sale Price
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