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These group of sin-eaters are obedient astral beasts, who love to devour the sins and karma of his/her Master/Mistress. They will help to protect the pratitioner from all the possible negative attacks (medium to low type).


They are very obedient when they stablishes a link with the practitioner, and they can work beside or under the command of other daemons and evil spirits evoked for operations of soul healing.


One of them can be your loyal minion on the other side.

They are ready to find a nice Master or Mistress who can give them a purpose, they will be glad to help in any way the mission of a real Dark Adept.


*This is a group of astral beasts but we provide 1 per order!

*Is recommended to follow a practice of 3 days at least to stablish a good connection.

*No offerings needed as they feed on astral larvaes, parasites, etc.

*When you place the order our team we will contact you, please be patient.

Personal Sin-Eater (Gryph Bird Type)

€333.00 Regular Price
€300.00Sale Price
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