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Ritual published by: S.W. Falcifer





Sorath, Soul Mutilation Ritual (Full Ritual):

The Preparation:

First the operator has to find himself/herself a cursed or haunted and isolated outside location where he/she shall carry out the entire ritual.

(Anton Lavey call this zones/places "DAM" areas *The Devil´s Notebook)

He/she shall start the ritual on a Sunday at nightfall.

The operator has to remove his/her clothes.


In the original grimoire says: "and will then burn the symbol of the demon Sorath (with iron) on his solar plexus,

and cut 11 deep wounds on his body with a razor blade

(Jesus uttered Gehenna 11 times, which signifies the opposite of this life, where both physical body and soul are destroyed).

Instead, i can suggest: Draw the symbol of Sorath (with blood if you want) on your solar plexus, and prick your body 11 times with a clean hipodermic needle

(avoid veins and take care to dont hurt yourself more than its necessary...)

· Sorath, Planetary Symbol ·

The Ritual Per-se:

The operator then lays himself/herself naked  in the corpse pose upon the ground and covers himself/herself either by human ashes, graveyard dirt or a combination of both.

Now he/she starts to meditate for 72 minutes before he/she starts to travel outside of his/her body.

He/she then travels outside the boundaries of the cosmos, past the purple gate of Death and invokes his/her personal guardian demons asking them for empowerment and protection as he/she travels further with them deep inside the astral dimensions of the kaosmos.

(The reason for protection is because their otherwise is a certainty for his/her silver astral cord to sever during the operation which surely results in madness and death.)


The operator then proceeds to conjure the demon Sorath and each of the 72 demons of the Goetia to his/her astral altar.

He/she should call them according to his/her personal technique of invocation or for example by visualizing each of their sigils one by one in his/her left hand while calling out to them.

When they have arrived he/she should petition each demon to mutilate and tear his/her soul apart according to their own desires and preferences.

(the purpose here is to strengthen his True Spirit and to diabolically transform his/her weak human soul, which is nothing more than a false reflection of his/her real demonic self.)


Afterwards he/she shall thank Lord Satan, Sorath and each of the 72 demons with utmost respect for their presence and assistance.

The operator shall now deconstruct the altar and place it somewhere protected by his/her demonic guardians to travel him/her back to the purple gates of Death before traveling back into the cosmos and entering his/her body again.

When this is successfully done the operator repeats the same steps from " The Ritual Per-se"  for a total of 666 days.

The last 72 hours of the ritual the operator has to spend the entire time in a meditative state in front of his/her astral altar.

He/she then thanks each of the demons again in the usual way (as described before), only this time while doing so he/she visualizes each of their sigils one by one again as done with their conjurations but now raises their sigils in his left astral hand to send each and every one of them a ball (orb) of energy from his/her black soul as a token of appreciation.

He/she shall now leave again the same way as done before.



WARNING: The experience and conclusion of this ritual can be so overwhelming the operator chooses to stay there by severing his/her astral cord or commiting homicide and suicide immediately after the operation when re-entering his/her body.

_Ritual designed by: Anonymous (Old Grimoire), Revisited by S.W. Falcifer.




· Meditate and ask your higher self/guardian spirits before doing this. (Be prepared, this is not for everyone)

· We dont take any responsability if you harm yourself physically or mentally.