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3rd Eye + Sacral Chakra + Root Chakra Linking


This Magickal working is based on Reiki, Tantra, Qlipothic Energy & others.
When we link Chakras, via the combined effect of doing so, we can create new forms of energy, powers and synergies.


This operation is an energetic linking of the Third Eye (External/Internal vision, intuition, observation and experience of spiritual dimensions, etc.) with the Sacral Chakra (Lust, passion, libido, sex, rage), and the Root Chakra (Grounding, primal energy, survival energy, sense of safety, fight, fear).

Such linking provides the body with a more deep, raw, and intimate connection with sexual
spirits, Succubi, Incubi and sex with her/his companions.


Strong energetic influx, which connects sexual energy with visions and telepathy, grows stronger with time and practice.


This work can change your sexual perspective (to be more open) or increase your number of preferences, and transmute your Nadis and Meridians. It can be felt through the psychic and physical channels, opens up sexual connectivity and makes you more receptive to your spirit entities as well.
Some of the additional benefits are:
· Erotic sexual power
· Intense orgasms
· Pleasure/ sexual bliss in the Third Eye (like secondary genitalia)
· It makes every connection with any adopted sexual entity intense, stronger and more vital
· Sexual aura/ charisma/ presence. (Sometimes due the combination of colors and energies, the aura starts to vibrate pink.)
· Grounding: not always grounded.
· Fast libido charge (through your Vampiric companions)
· Cleaning the channels to sexually feed, resulting in a “full cauldron/container” sensation (Kundalini energy in your belly/ 3rd or Lower Dantian).
For Female & Male (All sexual tastes)
*We recommend "The 3rd Eye + Sacral Chakra + Root chakra linking" in case you enjoy or want to enjoy anal sex as well.
*We recommend "The 3rd Eye + Sacral Chakra" in case you just want to focus on genitals and 3rd Eye.
The next rite is designed so you can have better sex with spiritual entities, but it also improves the sexual experience and tantric practices and has other benefits also. Some Chakras, when using traditional practices, work very well in couples, such as a good Heart-Sacral connection (Traditionally for a good human relationship).

In this case, we establish a link between the Third Eye (intuition, communication inside/outside, vision energy/spiritual world) with the Sacral/genitals (sex, desire, passion, lust etc) and the Root.

That linking doesn’t affect you inner flame, Kundalini, etc. It also improves your experience and the sex with a Succubus/Incubus, etc.

· We perform the first part of the rite (while you’re sleeping)

· We´ll send you (via email) a little prayer/conjuration mantra.

· Next day, before sleep, in a room with no artificial or solar light, you read the conjuration/prayer 21 times and try to allow the energy changes in your body (our ambient video will help).

No incense is needed, but some of our witches seem to get better results with lotus incense.
(We recommend to talk (or try to) with your higher self and ask to him/her to allow the operation,
a minimum of 10 minutes in a meditative state and saying your wishes clearly. This must be enough.)
· We perform the second, and last, part of the rite (while you´re sleeping).
· When you wake up, you may (or not) notice the change, as your energies can be dormant or inactive, but when you practice sex (or in some random moments) you’ll notice the clarity and symbiosis between the three Chakras.


>Be careful with some Reiki "massages" & "Healings", etc. as it may disturb the connection.
To stimulate the linking of the  energies, there is a video meditation with the appropriate sound
frequencies in order to aid in the process.
Optional: Succubus/Incubus sex and Tantric sex meditations will stimulate the linking energetic
Mandatory: You have to perform meditative work and a conjuration with our help and guidance to boost and manifest the link with awareness.

We only need:
· Your full name
· The city where you live
· A recent photo

3rd Eye + Sacral Chakra + Root Chakra Linking

€300.00 Regular Price
€200.00Sale Price
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