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Our 1 Night Spiritual Sexual Encounters

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This section is our "Spiritual Brothel", the House Of Sin.
Welcome to this special service of sexual encounters!
Here, we offer our magick services to connect with willing sexual spirits ready to interact with you. 
No permanent bindings, secure service, safe and undetectable by others in your space.
Our spirits are noticeable, and if you can see spirits you´ll see them, this is the perfect service if you don´t want a permanent companion
or if you simply want to interact with different sexual entities.

For more info, F.A.Q., and tips about how it works, please, visit our forum:

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Special Operations


Spiritual Brothel: Any Incubus/Succubus Permanent Connection (1 Entity)


Do you want to connect permanently with any of our sexual spirits from our Spiritual Brothel?


This service connects you with them forever so you don´t have to order the service again and again;

with this unique binding you can enjoy permanently with the desired incubus or succubus.

When you order this service we will provide you a special sigil of the desired entity and a composed enn (daemonic seed enn + power-word + your name), after the Ritual Of Connection you will have permanent access to His/Her presence, at will, just calling the spirit in sexual trance.


Mind that the entity will still be making connections with other clients, so, understand that He/Her cannot be considered a spirit familiar/companion per se. This will be a permanent sexual connection.

You will be a sexual server when you desire, a station of pleasure and sexual interaction for the spirit.


The chosen spirit never will force you or steal your energy;
His/Her interactions will always be consent and demanded by you.

1 Night Encounters

Bisexual Females (Succubi)