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Akasha Egg Breaking


An energetic ritual to help induce the Kundalini process.
We influx you with specific energies to help you during the meditation -in order to break the Akasha Egg (1st Root Chakra) and liberate the Shakti force (feminine force, negative force) to ascend to/with your Positive Shakti, Samael force, and to finally transcend duality.
The ritual’s powers help to break the egg and open your first chakra more easily and powerfully.
There are also some exercises that must be practiced in order to experience the full power and
joy of this orgasmic experience.


Some of the experiences you could feel:
· Grounding
· Libido Increase
· Stomach Movement (Lower organs/Din booster and its functions)
· Appetite / Sleep alteration
· Pleasure
· Heat (Tummo)
· Blood Ecstasy
· Spinal Perception
· Self-Security
· Fear Decreasing (or buried traumas appear)

· Dragon Obsession / Love / Fascination


+ Information:


We will contact you to program the ritual. Please be patient.(

We only need to know your full name, a recent photo and the city wherein you live.

Akasha Egg Breaking

€333.00 Regular Price
€222.00Sale Price
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