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Spiritism: Necrochants, Ouija´s Talks · Diceased Human Spirits

We can create your video-mantra to honour, call and meditate with your diceased ones, the video will include:


· Mantra to call the spirit chanted

· Sigil with image (You must provide an image of the diceased)

· Third Eye tone

· Voice: Male, Female, Demon, Whisper Female, Whisper Male, Others...


And we´ ll make a video-enn/mantra for you!

(Keep in mind that the video will be public so anyone can meditate and give energy to the spirit)

Contact us to program the details ( )

Diceased Audio Creation (Sigil+Mantra / Enn / Chants)

€100.00 Regular Price
€35.00Sale Price
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