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Divine Feminine Emotional Healing

Traumas? Broken Heart? Emotional Blockage? Depressive Thoughts? Apathy? Self-Hate? Lack of Emotions? Culpability? Anxiety?

Free your heart and your ass will follow: Feeling love is tremendously important for your spiritual evolution whatever your path is, love and gratitude allows you to establish alliances with other spiritual intelligences, unconditional love helps you enter in cosmic & divine states of unity (Like Samaddhi) were psychic gifts appear, and being able to feel without guilt (Flow with the will without imposed morals) helps you to work outside of uncontrolled actions / uncontrolled results (for example cursing and repenting ). Well-balanced emotions will allow you to move forward, be mentally healthy and act accordingly, your magick results will resonate more harmoniously with the vibrations you want to provoke, and your meditations will be more pure, focus and centered (without the noise of the emotions)

Love heal: Overcome attachments, toxic relationships, deceptions, self-deceptions, unrequited love, false expectations & illusions (self-lie)

Live and let die: There is no better survival than constant adaptation to constant change, life in the Matrix you know, earthly experience.
1 Stage Negation: Emotions follow thoughts slower, so when you change your thoughts, emotions take some time to adjust to the new mindset, that fact allows, for example, to feel like the head in one direction and the heart in another.
Your mind works faster, and you have to take time to heal, and let the emotions reach the same point.
Only in full balance and harmony we find everything, we find ourselves.

Depending on the auric field and the emotional blockage of the client, we choose the best group of divine feminine goddess to heal and repair the emotional field, the heart center chakra, and the emotional blockages, the goal is to release what is not needed, repair the normal flow of emotions and allow the client be free of energetic knots.

Some of the main entities we may (or not) call:

Lilith, Agrath Bat Mahalat, Naamah, Hecate, Isis, Aphrodite, Hathor, Astarte...(and others)

*The worst cases may need additional shadow work or "Sin eater" (Karma-eater) help (Murders, rapes...etc) depending on the impact of the event on the subject.

Contact us to program the day to start ( )
-We´ll perform a very powerful magick healing with the perfect Divine Feminine group of goddesses.
-Optional: You can perform a magick rite with our help & guidance to boost the operation.
-Mandatory: You have to perform meditative work with our help & guidance to boost the operation.
We only need: your full name, sleep patterns, the city where you live and a recent photo.

Divine Feminine Emotional Healing

€222.00 Regular Price
€150.00Sale Price
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