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High Vampiric Lords Incarnation (Empowerment)


In this ritual we´ll call the Lords of Predation & Vampirism, Demons, gods and goddesses masters of energy

absorption, to empower your magick essence.


This is a dark rite to improve your vampiric magick and powers, to deal better with the energy of others, and Vampiric current spirits and gods. This ritual is recommended to transformed vampires.


Explore your own dark essence, develop your survival senses, integrate your primal nature, enjoy the life draining powers benefits, feel the eternal growing power, embrace your spiritual evolution.


You will get:

+ Vampiric magick boosted

+ Easier Tendrils control

+ Easier Tendrils creation

+ Easier Astral Double

+ Easier Astral Shape shifting

+ Fastest draining

+ Fastest Digestion of energies

+ Vampiric Invocation/Evocations Boosted Results

+ Increased seductive and selling skills, magnetism and persuasive tendencies

+ Improved Vampiric Shamanism & Healings

+ Easiest Reiki, Chakra & Black Flame works

+ Possible lucid (or not) dreams and astral projections

+ Shadow work booster & cleaner

+ Death Energy (Grey Energy) Better handling

+ Psychal gifts (It depends on the person)

+ Magick empowerment

+ More effective magick and spells (even others not related to vampirism)

+ Witchcraft knowledge will come & synchronicity increases

+ Numerology

+ Spirit beasts or elemental forces could emerge near you or your space

+ Easier attraction vampiric friends & partners

+ Easier contact with demons & dark angels

+ Astral Projections (Increased Abilities)

+ Odd manifestations


*This ritual must be performed while the client is either relaxed and unoccupied or asleep.


When you order contact us to program the rite ( )

We only need a recent photo, your full name and the city where you live.

High Vampiric Lords Incarnation (Empowerment)

€555.00 Regular Price
€222.00Sale Price
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