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Human Dead Souls Amalgam Crypt Demon Rooh


He don´t want us to explain too much...


Various energetic pieces of different dead human´s psycho-energy formed this Crypt Demon.

A little split of personality, a dark guide to walk the death realms and enjoy its shadows.


The perfect companion for nechromancy, voodoo, lucid dreams, and the darkest practices...


If you feel called, and if Roo wants to work with you, we´ll guide you in a process of easy rituals to connect.


+There´s no vessel (We link the spirit to you) 

+We provide a sigil/seal/yantra

+We provide a secret enn/mantra/staota/enchantation

+We provide a description of the entity

+We provide a link to a private video enn to attune your energies with him.


Please if you purchase this, contact us ( )

Give us your city and full name, and we´ll perform the ritual/s to connect.

Human Dead Souls Amalgam Crypt Demon Rooh

€555.00 Regular Price
€444.00Sale Price
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