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Le Grand Addkudah Des Hérétiques: With Sustugriel / Azazel / Lucifuge Belial.


This ritual will be performed outdoors and just on Saturdays. 3 of our witches will perform the operation in the magickal pyrenees´s mountains (North Spain/ South France).

This is a classic ancient place for dark pagan practices and the most notorious Sabbaths in Europe.


· We will evoke:

   - Sustugriel master initiator of witchcraft and dark arts.

   - Azazel lord of the Sabbath & Watcher ; He can open the gates and bring our true essence in.

   - Lucifuge Rofocale, as Leonard: His Sabbathic form. He will assist the ceremony.

   - Belial in His primal daemonic form, to initiate the heresy that will liberate the candidate/s.

   - Any spirit/s human, daemonic or elemental that the Dark Lords consider appropriate.


· We create a magick fire to burn the old, to sacrifice the fears, prejudices and other social implants of the subject.


· We will perform a powerful sabbathic ritual where with the guidance of the lords of the Sabbath will bless, infuse, send and conjure power to the neophyte; feeding the candidate´s soul complex to awake magick or psychic gifts and making his/her path of freedom sweeter in general.


· Then we will close the ceremony sacrificing sexual energy in your honor to the lords of the Sabbath and infusing the Infernal Plane and its mysteries in your conscious and subconscious fields.



You will obtain:


  • Shadow Work: (Booster and Cleanser)  Fear Killer + Dark Comfort Booster + More Potent Aura & Presence + Personal Daemonic Integrity Booster.
  • Psychic Gifts: Type, number and strength are unique to the person.
  • Mental Enhancement: Disconnection from oppressive forces, philosophy booster.
  • Energy Working: Easier Black Flame Ignition + Easier Kundalini Rising.
  • Satanic Love Working: Tantric Working + Satanic Bliss + Hyper-Sexual Booster.
  • Magick Boost:  More Empowerment + More Effective Magick & Spells (Specially Devilist Current) + Witchcraft Knowledge (will come) + Synchronicity Increase (Specially Devilist Current).
  • Freedom Sensation: From the Matrix and its oppressive forces, agents and programming.
  • Dark Spiritual Connection Boost: Easier Spirit Contact & Connection + Easier Demon Contact & Connection + Easier Dark Angel Connection + Spirit Beasts or Elemental Forces (could emerge near you or your space).
  • Astral Projections (Increased Abilities) + Odd manifestations: Specially related with sex, forbidden wisdom, vampirism, necromancy, therian transformations, and/or The Devil´s Temple.


*This ritual must be performed while the client is either relaxed and unoccupied or asleep.

*This ritual will be performed just on Saturdays (night).

*Special price for neophytes (this will be adjusted when we receive the order).


When you order, we will contact you, please be patient.

We only need a recent photo, your full name, D.O.B., and the city where you currently live.

Le Grand Addkudah Des Hérétiques

€555.00 Regular Price
€333.00Sale Price
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