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Who doesn't want power, money, and control? However, unless you’re born into a wealthy family, it’s hard to make your way to the top of the financial food chain. To get the authority and cash you desire, you’ve got to use everything at your disposal - even if it means reaching out into the great beyond. One entity that wants to help with that very thing is Mammon, the ancient demon of greed. However, you can’t just call Mammon up and demand riches. Similarly to the demon Lilith, Mammon requires intense spells, chants, and offerings before he will grant you your deepest financial desires. 


According to the New Testament, Mammon is the deity of money and wealth. He is the personification of greed and the god of excess. By summoning Mammon, you could receive great riches and meet life goals.

There are different ways to summon Mammon, including chants and spells. To bring him on you have to be prepared to deal with any potential consequences.


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We only need:

· Recent Photography (With the open arms if it´s possible)

· Full name

· City

Mammon´s Golden Prosperity

€450.00 Regular Price
€222.00Sale Price
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