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Gamaliel, the sphere of Lilith, the gate where hidden and forbidden sexual pleasures reside, the intoxicating exchange of energies that can turn you into a sexual vampire, the primary dark feminine energy, devouring and creating constantly. 

Experience Gamaliel is synonimous of pleasure, evolution, empower your mind, energies and spirit; The next level sex.


*The shadows of deep sex work with your Kundalini in this sphere can cause irrational fear and/or attract succubus and/or incubus (proceed with caution) *They will not always be pleasant (unfiltered entities)


*These interactions will alter your Runanubandha "ऋणानुबंध", as opposite to the Right Path doctrines, and under the guidance of Asmodeus, we see this as a positive key to strenghten your energetic integrity with interaction (human or not). *The path of Prostitution (Sacred Whore), And it also has benefits for vampiric energy processing and digestion. (and in the worst cases the Runanubandha "ऋणानुबंध" problem can be solved with water or fire baths and energetic balance-meditation work)


When you order we´ll contact you to program the rite ( )

We only need:

· Recent Photography (With the open arms if it´s possible)

· Full name

· City

Opening Of Gamaliel (Self-Sex Obsession)

€555.00 Regular Price
€444.00Sale Price
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