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The Guggarnak Hatchlings are a type of a dense-energy-astral-parasite that will drain and drain the ambient and the chosen victims. They can infest a house and reproduce fast like a plague, impregnating objects, food, etc... Even after abrahamic exorcisms and new age cleansings once they have infested the house it's very, very difficult to get rid of them. They can hide in the less expected corner and then reproduce and re-infest all the space again and again.


Due to the lack of energy and energy barriers, it's a question of time that the targets suffer strange diseases -mental and physical, infections, strong colds and even other spiritual attacks; general bad luck and weakness.


They will bring to your enemy (variable depending on various factors):


· Nightmares

· Mental problems

· Energetic problems

· Blockages

· Astral larves

· Energy drain

· Physical pressure and heaviness

· Emotional disorders

· Insecurity and weakness

· Energetic unbalancement

· Fear

· Paranoid Panic 

· Disease: energetic and mental

· Eating Disorders

· Distorted Self-Perception

· Insomnia

· Anxiety

· Bad Luck Magnet

· Repulsive Aura (Anti-Charisma)


These parasites can last forever and drain without end. 


We don't take responsibility for the consequences of this ritual or if you change your opinion.

The results for the victim could be irreversible, so think twice.

In case you want to stop them it will be necessary to apply an especial Daemonic Banishing + Infernal Exorcism (not included).


Contact us to program the day to start ( )

We only need:

· Recent victim´s photography (With the open arms if it´s possible)

· Full name

· City (+ Adress if it´s possible)

· Know the reason of the conflict between you and the victim (we can reject the operation).


Parasite Binding (Guggarnak Hatchlings)

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