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With this vampiric work, a low pulse "Black Hole" Orb will be placed on your sacral chakra, allowing you to feed automatically (on autopilot) on the phrana released of sexual activity (of your partner): sexual energy, orgasms, etc.


*This is not a tendril

*This Black-Hole-Orb acts like an electromagnetic magnet sucking all the sexual energy around

*If you are not a vampire with some experience, excessive energy may be overwhelming, and if you do not know how to digest different sexual energies, you may have pains in your belly and altered behavior and sleep. The implant can cause certain dizziness, since it is an external energy form, introduced into your body and it can react.


Female & Male (All sexual tastes)


We´ll send you (via email) a little prayer/conjuration mantra, the process is:


1-We perform the first part of the rite (while you´re sleeping)

2-Next day, before sleep, in a room with no artificial or solar light, no incense needed, (but some of our witches seems to get better results with frankincense, lavender or eucaliptus incense) you read the conjuration/prayer 21 times and try to allow this energy changes in your body

(For this work also we recommend to talk (or try) with your higher self and ask to him/her to allow the operation) a 10 minutes meditative state and saying your wishes clear must be enough.

3-We perform the second-and last-part of the rite (while you´re sleeping)

4-When you wake up you may (or not) notice the change, as your energies can be dormant or inactive, but when you practice sex (or in some moments) you´ll notice the clear empowerment and invigorization.


*Also be carefull with some Reiki "massages" "healings" etc it may disturb the implant.


Contact us to program the day to start ( )

-Optional: Tantric sex meditations & practices will acelerate the aclimatation of this energetic structure.

-Mandatory: You have to perform meditative work and a conjuration with our help & guidance to boost and manifest with awareness the implant.

We only need: your full name, the city where you live and a recent photo.

Sacral Chakra Vampiric Black Hole Energetic Implant

€300.00 Regular Price
€150.00Sale Price
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