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Satanic Connection & Blessing:  With Satan / Satanas / Shatan Shaytan Shaitan. He’s the eternal adversary and the dark power of the astral hells. He’s the holy serpent of passion and knowledge, the primal essence, the fear painkiller and the fear itself. This is a dark rite. You will be touched by Him and His energies for all of your life.


You will obtain:


  • Shadow Work: (Booster and Cleanser)  Fear Killer + Dark Comfort Booster + Darker Aura & Presence + Personal Integrity Booster.
  • Psychic Gifts: Type, number and strength are unique to the person.
  • Energy Working: Easier Black Flame Ignition + Easier Kundalini Rising.
  • Satanic Love Working: Tantric Working + Satanic Bliss.
  • Magick Boost:  More Empowerment + More Effective Magick & Spells + Witchcraft Knowledge (will come) + Synchronicity Increase
  • Numerology
  • Spiritual Connection Boost: Easier Spirit Contact & Connection + Easier Demon Contact & Connection + Easier Dark Angel Connection + Spirit Beasts or Elemental Forces (could emerge near you or your space).
  • Astral Projections (Increased Abilities) + Odd manifestations


*This ritual must be performed while the client is either relaxed and unoccupied or asleep.


When you order, we will contact you, please be patient.

We only need a recent photo, your full name and the city where you live.

Satan´s Dark Blessing

€250.00 Regular Price
€99.00Sale Price
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