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Satania´s Demon Army Protection (1 Year)


A fierce demonic army, reserved only for customers of Satania.

The fee is valid for 1 year (12 months) of protection, because each year this squad requires a new ritual in which a blood offering of our witches is made for each client, and only 1 ritual with a maximum of 4 clients per each day of the year is allowed (1460 clients maximum total per year).


This army is a mixture of various types of spirits, dark beings and demons. From spies, informants, and human spirits in the service of demons, to powerful astral warriors and shadow assassins; because of this, protection (and attack) occurs in various dimensional fields, not only in the ordinary astral plane, but in fields where the human race does not normally operate, but it may be the entry or influence of attacking forces or entities.


*Curses: Extremly Boosted (If you perform a curse, make sure you want to do it)

*Rage & Agressive energy can be boosted the first week of the connection. If you feel this energy try to trasmute this power having some good sex, performing rituals or simply doing some sport.


*We dont use this army for our protection, its exclusive for our clients.

-Limited to 1460 actives per year.


Contact us to program the day to start ( )

-We´ll perform a very powerful magick connection.

-Mandatory: You have to perform a blood offering (few drops of your own) with our help & guidance to boost the operation.

We only need: your full name, the city where you live and a recent photo.

Satania´s Demon Army Protection

€300.00 Regular Price
€99.00Sale Price
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