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The purpose of this working is to expand one’s acausal consciousness, particularly those aspects associated with Saturn and The Vindex.


Therefore its nature and associated effects are revolutionary, violent, and potentially dangerous, serving to awaken within one’s self what may be termed as Vindexian consciousness, an awareness of the truth of one’s nature as nothing more than a fragile, fallible, mortal nexion yet with a potential to be something far, far greater, if one but dares to be such; an awakening of one’s own unique role within the Sinister Dialectic, a dissolving of one’s own petty desires and ambitions to reveal a far more significant Wyrd (true spiritual will & purpose) that unites yet transcends individualism and collectivism.


It unlocks the inner Antichrist, brings one into harmony with their Baeldraca, and makes one a living vessel for the expression of those acausal energies associated with The Vindex, the avenger of blood and the restorer of mankind to the glories of an aeon long gone. And, perhaps most simply, it opens wide the inner nexion and thereby expands one’s soul into new heights, new dimensions, new abilities.


(Black) Sun + Saturn Spheres.


This ritual is performed with our Hierophant S.W. Falcifer.


*You will have to perform a meditation, with chants and visualizations after we perform the operation.

*You will need a white quartz tetrahedron (1), a black candle (1) and patchouli incense (1 stick) (or Henbane incense).

*This is a modified & amplified rite from the O9A


When you order we´ll contact you to program the rite ( )

We only need:

· Recent Photography

· Full name

· City

· Date of Birth 

Saturnian Unlock Of The Inner Antichrist (W/ The Vindex)

€333.00 Regular Price
€272.00Sale Price
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