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Wur´ azahlak is a dark demon that we control, friend of dark sorcerers and witches, enemy of human muggle-mass, he is very intimidating and psychotic. 

He like to scratch on the victims mind, hidden traumas, secrets, weakness, deepest fears and fobias, he won´t kill his victim, he prefers play with the victim´s mind night after night, over and over, unbalancing and torturing, so he loves choose one victim and feed on his fear.

His especiallity? Astral realms, nightmares and sleep paralysys.


He will bring to your enemy (variable depending on various factors):


· Nightmares

· Mental problems

· Energetic problems

· Blockages

· Astral larves

· Energy drain

· Physical pressure and heavyness

· Emotional disorders

· Insecurity and weakness

· Energetic unbalancement

· Fear, a lot of fear (that could atract other sludge entities)

· Paranoid Panic 

· Disease: energetic and mental

· Eating Disorders

· Distorted Self-Perception

· Insomnia

· Anxiety

· Bad Luck Magnet

· Repulsive Aura (Anti-Charisma)


Wur´ azahlak could visit this person forever to drain and give nightmares and suffering until the day the victim dosen´t fear him (very difficult).


We dont take responsability of the consequencies of this ritual or if you change your opinion.

The results for the victim could be irreversible, so think twice.


Contact us to program the day to start ( )

We only need:

· Recent victim´s photography (With the open arms if it´s possible)

· Full name

· City

· Know the reason of the conflict between you and the victim (we can reject the operation)


Wur´azahlak Sweet Dreams

€150.00 Regular Price
€99.00Sale Price
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