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The Beauty Of The Goddess (Ritual of Eternal Beauty and Youth)


Purpose: To attain eternal beauty, preserve youth, and boost seductive skills, cell restoration, cleanliness of energy, magnetizing charm, fresh skin, hair, and nails, overall health, and other related benefits.


Leading Goddess: Hekate


Supporting Goddesses:

  • Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and Beauty
  • Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt and Wilderness (representing youth)
  • Hera - Goddess of Marriage and Women (representing feminine power)
  • Demeter - Goddess of Agriculture (representing growth and renewal)
  • Persephone - Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld (representing rebirth)
  • Isis - Goddess of Magic and Healing (representing restoration)
  • Freyja - Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War (representing seduction and vitality)

Ritual Overview: This Satania´s Coven ritual involves invoking the power of eight goddesses led by Hekate to attain eternal beauty and preserve youth. The ritual is to be conducted under the full moon, preferably on a Friday night to harness the energies of Venus, the planet of beauty and love.


This ritual, led by Hekate and supported by seven powerful goddesses, is designed to infuse participants with eternal beauty, youthful energy, and enhanced seductive skills. With proper reverence and intention, the blessings of this ritual will resonate deeply within each participant, promoting overall health and radiance.


*Note: Devotional offerings to Them need to be made once a month to show gratitude and in order to receive Their amazing blessings!


*Note II: We will facilitate an optional practice channeled for this special magick operation; you will be able to create your own sacred water that can be used to boost your natural beauty.



When you order, we will contact you, please be patient.

We only need your recent photo, full name, D.O.B.´s and the city where you are.

The Beauty Of The Goddess (Ritual of Eternal Beauty & Youth)

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