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Yuthough is a monstruous sludge entity that we control, very spooky and tenebrous, a low and heavy black energy monster with enormeous tentacles, full of worms and astral larves.


He will bring to your enemy (variable depending on various factors):


· Nightmares

· Mental problems

· Energy problems

· Blockages

· Astral larves

· Energy drain

· Physical pain

· Emotional disorders

· House haunted and paranormal activity (in the worst cases)

· Insecurity and weakness

· Energetic unbalancement

· Fear, a lot of fear (that could atract other sludge entities)

· Disease: physical, energetic and mental


Yuthogh could visit this person forever to drain and give pain and suffering until the day that the victim die.

Sometimes if the person has a good aura shield it takes time and can be slow, but in samall amounts and progressivly the person became weaker everyday.


We dont take responsability of the consequencies of this ritual or if you change your opinion.

The results for the victim could be irreversible, so think i twice.


Contact us to program the day to start ( )

We only need:

· Recent victim´s photography (With the open arms if it´s possible)

· Full name

· City

· Know the reason of the conflict between you and the victim (we can reject the operation)




The Curse of Yuthogh

€550.00 Regular Price
€450.00Sale Price
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