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This rite is designed to, by ritualization and demonic energy, unlock the natural passion, love, and sex desire of the willing couples that need an extra of motivation in their romance.


We´ll perform a very special ritual, where we will direct spirits and energies to boost your love, emotions, well-being, desire and connection.


Intimate, relax, enjoy, focus on the moment and leave moral, fears, and problems outside.

Your relations are beautiful, and magick, they can really be a gate for the gods to manifest, through your minds and bodies, improve the bond to the next level.


(This operation can be applied to human-human couple or to human-spirit companion couple´s)


*You will need to perform a ritual in your home, with your partner

*You will have to drink wine, and buy specific elements.

*Both will be lightly possessed during the act, by Asmodeus energies and young Lilith´s energies

*You can change the "energy masks" if you prefer (Samael+ Old Lilith, Shiva+Shalkti...)


When you order we´ll contact you to program the rite ( )

We only need:

· Recent Photography/ies (Both)

· Full names

· City

The Demonic Couple (Couple´s Romace, Love & Passion Booster Rite)

€555.00 Regular Price
€363.00Sale Price
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