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The Devilist Lunar Addkudah (Lunar Healing, Balancement & Empowerment):  With Hekate, Noctulius, Azanigin, Satania, Lilith, Lucifuge Rofocale, Serene, Medusa, Vassago.


An Addkudah (demonic tongue for a multipurpose combined magick operation) channeled from Azanigin & Satania to empower the Devilist and his/her Infernal initiation (Dark Ascension).


This operation is focused on the Lunar aspects (different on women & men) and all its power, influence and importance (chemicals in our body, sexual cycles, etc), additionally it improves the Third Eye, chakras and psychic senses in general (intuition, subtle symbolism, understanding, connection with Akasha & some vampiric aspects....


You´ll receive and understand easier the magick and cosmic information, your intuition will resonate emotionally with the hidden truths beyond logic and lies.


The ritual per se boost personal magnetism, seductive and hipnotic skills, the energy of the adept and his/her magick in general, and it´s a perfect ritual before start working on any type of initiatory diabolic system.


You will obtain:


  • Shadow Work: (Booster and Cleanser)  Fear Killer + Dark Comfort Booster + More Potent Aura & Presence + Personal Daemonic Integrity Booster.
  • Psychic Gifts: Type, number and strength are unique to the person.
  • Mental Enhacement: Disconnection from opressive forces, philosophy booster.
  • Energy Working: Easier Black Flame Ignition + Easier Kundalini Rising.
  • Perception & Emotions: Chakra Working + Satanic Bliss + Hyper-Sensitive Booster.
  • Artistic & Beauty Boost: You´ll feel more poetic, creative and inspired.
  • Magnetism Boost: You´ll become more hipnotic, attracting.
  • Magick Boost:  More Empowerment + More Effective Magick & Spells (Specially Devilist Current) + Witchcraft Knowledge (will come) + Synchronicity Increase (Specially Devilist Current).
  • Tarot, Pendulum & Other Divinatory Methods Boost.
  • Spiritual Connection Boost: Easier Spirit Contact & Connection + Easier Demon Contact & Connection + Easier Dark Angel Connection + Spirit Beasts or Elemental Forces (could emerge near you or your space).
  • Astral Projections (Increased Abilities) + Odd manifestations: Specially related with Devilism & Vampirism or The Akasha´s Clan.


*This ritual must be performed while the client is either relaxed and unoccupied or asleep.


When you order, we will contact you, please be patient.

We only need a recent photo, your full name and the city where you live.

The Devilist Lunar Addkudah

€350.00 Regular Price
€222.00Sale Price
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