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The Pink Aura (Irresistible Sex Object)

This Magick work is based on Reiki, Tantra, Qlipothic Energy, and others.
This Sexual Magick is designed to change the visible aura of the client and its frequency,
transforming the vibration and color of it to Pink.
This will attract sexual partners (not love or soulmates) and also improves the sexual
experience, tantric practices and has other benefits.
People (regardless of whether or not they have the Third Eye "open") will be more sensitive to
you and they will think more about sex when they interact with you.
Individuals with more coarse (not very refined) spirituality or sexual energies and asexual
people may not be so attracted by you and to you.

You will be perceived as “sex candy”. Powerful erections and wet pussies will dance around your charisma.


· You must stimulate interaction. Some people may be very attracted to you, but be completely silent or shy.
· For some people, the continuous over-excitement can cause premature ejaculation. For some,
the opposite can happen for long sexual performance. Either way, it can be solved with sexual and Tantric training.
· Women, especially: be careful of sexual assault (It’s no joke).
· For this work, we also recommend that you talk (or try to do so) with your higher self/guardians, etc, and ask them to allow the operation. We recommend a minimum of 10 minutes in a
meditative state, and to make a loud and clear statement of your wishes, so they know. This must be enough to deter them from preventing or trying to stop it.
· Please note that the effects may disappear over time if you’re not naturally vibrating or comfortable with this aura frequency.


One way to solve this is using this audio: , while you repeat your personal mantra-code (provided with the ritual). Do this during the waxing Moon or full Moon in your ritual space with no electronic devices or artificial lights.



Incense: Lotus
Candles: Pink, Light Violet or Black.


Set a relaxed ambience in your chamber and begin a slow masturbation.

Focus on your own porno-essence (you can visualize people desiring you), slowly speed up, and intensify the masturbation.
After accumulating a considerable amount of sexual energy, move the energy to your blood, like the waves of a radio dial, effervescent, through the whole body.
Visualize this energy coming out your skin, your arms, legs, etc like a glowing pink. You can visualize how the current pink aura just becomes stronger and increasingly clear.
Repeat the mantra-code during the whole exercise. You can simply whisper or repeat it mentally.
When you feel your energetic bodies are strong and fully activated again, you can close the practice.

If you have the need, you can orgasm/ejaculate, but we don’t recommend that you do it.


You can repeat this process every Waxing or Full Moon if you want to in order to recharge.


NOTE: Be careful with some Reiki "massages", "Healings", etc, they may disturb the work.


SPELL BENEFITS: Not just for the others, some of the additional benefits are:
· Erotic sexual power
· Intensified orgasms
· Sexual charisma and attractiveness
· Improved sexual performance
· Stronger and more vital masturbation sessions
· High libido (Libido Boosted)
· … and much more!
This works for both cis-gender Females & Males, any sexual orientation and any gender orientation. However, it seems to be more effective for Women & more feminine Men or Gay Men,
(indIviduals where the Shakti feminine force is more present or of a higher level of dominance).


· Order
· Data, Scheduling (We email you, be patient)
· Performing the first part of the rite: "The Activation" (while you’re sleeping)
· We send you (via email) your mantra-code prayer and you perform "The Conjuration".
· We perform the second and last part of the ritual: "The Closing Of The Bodies" (while you’re sleeping).
· When you wake up, you may (or not) notice the changes, as your energies can be dormant or inactive. However, your aura will be pink, full of sexual energy and deliciously naughty!


Optional: Succubus/Incubus sex and Tantric sex meditations can help to maintain the aura in this
new vibration.

Mandatory: You have to perform meditative work and a conjuration with our help and guidance
to boost and manifest the link with awareness.
We only need: your full name, the city where you live and a recent photo.

Video Note: Without the activation ritual, the conjuration and the closing of the bodies ritual, etc., the video is useless. It is just a tool, like a candle, is just a tool.


The Pink Aura (Irresistible Sex Object)

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