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For this magick work we contact the 72 goetic/solomonic daemons to bless your spirit with their powers. Then we will contact the Black Dragon (Goetikon, the 72 in 1).

This magick requires several rituals to perform by us and by you.

This is recommended to mid-experienced or advanced practicioners.


This is the Great Covenant of the Seventy-Two Shadows! An ancient and secret Satanic ritual, which grants unimaginable power and knowledge by invoking the 72 daemons from Ars Goetia


These daemons, powerful entities bound within the infernal realms, are summoned to serve the practitioner in exchange for dark offerings and the promise of transgressive desires. The forbidden knowledge, intrigue, and moral dilemmas surrounding this ritual can add depth and complexity to your life and spiritual path and boost your Dark Ascension in multiple and unpredictable personalized dimensions.


Purpose: The Rite Of The 72 Gods is a powerful, forbidden rite that calls upon the 72 daemons of the Ars Goetia to bestow unparalleled knowledge, power, and insight upon the practitioner. It is undertaken by those who seek to unlock the hidden realms of dark wisdom and arcane secrets.


Setting: The ritual takes place in one of our magick chambers, heavily charged with daemonic energy, a dimly lit special chamber hidden to the eyes of the propane. The walls are adorned with sigils, runes, and intricate esoteric symbols of power.

A grand obsidian altar dominates the center, and the air is heavy with the scent of incense and the faint hum of otherworldly energies.

Our witches, draped in a robe of deepest obsidian, stand before a meticulously drawn pentagram, a portal to the abyss. While the candles flicker ominously, casting eerie shadows, an atmosphere of tension and anticipation permeates the room.
Several preliminar dark operations will be performed to infuse the maximum energy possible. The coven will begin by reciting incantations in daemonic tongue, each name of the 72 daemons resonating through the room like a haunting symphony.

As the incantations intensify, the pentagram begins to glow with an otherworldly light, guttural chorus fills the air, signifying the arrival of the daemons.

Within the pentagram, each daemon materializes in a unique and menacing form. From Beelzebub, Lord of Flies, to Asmoday, our beloved daemon of Lust, they stand in an eerie council, awaiting the practitioner's connection. 


Each daemon, possessing specialized knowledge and powers, represents a key to unlocking forbidden secrets and desires.

Our witches will engage in a mystic exchange of energies with the daemon council. In exchange for the daemons' knowledge and powers.


This ritual will be performed during 72 consecutive days, each different day performing a special evocation, devotional dedication and binding to the adept´s energy bodies to each one of the Goetic Lords.

Adept´s Procedure:

The Infernal Circle: The practitioner stands within a meticulously drawn circle that represents their protection against the otherworldly entities they are about to summon. The circle is inscribed with sigils and ancient daemonic seals for protection.

The Invocation: The ritual begins with the practitioner invoking the names and sigils of the 72 demons, one by one, using a parchment inscribed with the symbols and putting their own blood on the sigil of the daemon of the day. (Each daemon is called forth with the utmost respect and reverence, acknowledging their unique domains and powers.)

Offerings and Tributes: The practitioner makes offerings to each daemon, which may include candles, rare artifacts, or blood offerings in exchange for their knowledge and favors. Each offering is tailored to the particular daemon's preferences.

The Pact: As each daemon is invoked, the practitioner must enter into a pact, personal statement or agreement, which typically involves a request for knowledge or power. In return, the practitioner may offer their devotion or pledge a future favor to the daemon.

The Revelation: Upon completing the summoning of all 72 demons, the chamber comes alive with ethereal energy. The practitioner may experience visions, receive cryptic insights, or have forbidden knowledge imprinted upon their psyche.




Profound Knowledge: The ritual bestows profound and often forbidden knowledge, making the practitioner a master of ancient secrets, the occult, and dark arts.

Mystical Powers: The practitioner gains access to a wide range of mystical powers, such as divination, conjuration, and control over otherworldly entities.

Protection and Influence: The daemons may offer protection from malevolent forces and influence over the mortal realm.

Arcane Wisdom: The practitioner becomes a conduit for the forbidden wisdom of the shadows, capable of unraveling mysteries and manipulating reality.

Defragmentation Of Time & Space: Practitioners may gain mastery over ancient magic, the power to manipulate time, unparalleled insight into the hidden realms, unravel cosmic mysteries.


Wealth: Financial booster, luck, abundance, opportunities.


Love: Love, Sex, Lust, Magnetism...

Inner Balance: Control over forbidden desires and ambitions. These powers can turn the tide in battles or chaos, or fulfill even the most insatiable desires.


Much More: Gifts and other special powers and benefits may crystalize, trust the spirits and you will be blessed.


However, the cost of wielding such dark powers can be significant. The practitioner may face moral dilemmas, confront the consequences of their actions, and find themselves pursued by these forces. 

The Rite Of The 72 Gods is a pact with the most recognizable Dark Lords to unleash the unknown in one's self, a powerful tool for those who dare to wield it, but it comes with a heavy responsability and spiritual implications that a power like this may bring.


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The Rite Of The 72 Gods

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