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The Sexual Infernal Initiation (W/ Layilel): A Daemonic Ritual of Sexual Ascension


This operation is the perfect Addkudah to initiate any practitioner into the sexual planes and potencies. It can enhance your sexual experiences, improve Sex Magick results, and invigorate your Vampiric side during sex.


An Addkudah (daemonic tongue for a multipurpose combined magick operation) channeled from Layilel to empower the Devilist and his/her Infernal Initiation (Dark Ascension).


Feel the Daemonic Fire rise and infuse your entire mind and energy centers with fierce black energy. Channel Sacred Dark Gnosis and psychic empowerment with this powerful succubus.


Layilel is a succubitic archdemoness of Gamaliel who presides over fire magick, crystal magick, kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft, nature magick, and black mirrors. She can teach the witch how to work with the Planetary Spirit of the Earth in magick. She can teach the practitioner to seduce and manipulate people and assist in the process. She can amplify personal magnetism and specifically calibrate it for inciting love, lust, affection, and/or desire.


Layilel facilitates or incites introspective examination of one’s own sexuality, providing guidance and healing in the process. She can speed up recovery from sexual trauma and help you accept and acknowledge your sexuality. She can even provoke curiosity, leading one to question their sexual orientation.


Layilel can help the witch raise armies of lilin (succubi and/or incubi). The witch can call on Layilel to influence the behavior and emotions of many spirits in a given area.


Layilel is adept at chakra work, specializing in the less commonly discussed chakras below Muladhara (specifically Atala and Rasatala). She can teach the witch unusual, black magickal routes to, empowerments of, and spiritual application of the second heart chakra as well as the subpersonal chakras.


This operation has many benefits, and Layilel will bring personalized spiritual outcomes according to each person’s unique essence, energy, spirit, and mental disposition.


Additionally, we provide an optional Sex Magick operation through tantric practices to complete the initiation (a small and easy ritual to perform).


*This ritual must be performed while the client is either relaxed and unoccupied or asleep.


When you order, we will contact you, please be patient.

We only need your recent photo, full name, D.O.B.´s and the city where you are.

The Sexual Infernal Initiation (W/ Layilel)

€333.00 Regular Price
€188.00Sale Price
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