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This is a triple Vampiric ritual (3 nights).


This ritual is performed by our hierophant (High Wampyr Priest) - Akasha Clan.

This is a rite of energy and filth, of darkness and power.

To celebrate the demonic energy inside you, the black flame.

To take your shadow and dance, to ascend as god/daemon.

To obtain dark gnosis and forbidden knowledge. 

To boost the ecstasy of your spirit and have some fun.


This rite open gates and calls spirits, demons, djins, elementals, and other entities to create a nexion for the astral Sabbath, performing this magickal work, the gnosis and energies can be overwhelming for some.


WARNING: You will have to perform 3 rituals in the "physical world" while our hierophant will perform the ritual in the astral (same time), for this you must follow the instructions we´ll provide carefully, and its not recomended for the faint of heart, for this work you will have to offer a few drops of blood and perform magick sex, while entities will be watching.


When you order we´ll contact you to program the rite ( )

We only need a recent photo, your full name, birth date and the city where you live.

The Vampiric Sabbath (Wampyric Rite)

€666.00 Regular Price
€575.00Sale Price
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