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The Vampyric Exaltation (W/ Amprodias): A Daemonic Ritual of Dark Power


This operation is the perfect Addkudah to elevate any Vampiric practitioner into the forbidden planes and their powers. It can enhance your astral and magickal experiences, improve energy absorption, astral projection, visions and intuition, magick results, and invigorate your Vampiric self.


An Addkudah (daemonic tongue for a multipurpose combined magick operation) channeled from Amprodias to empower the Devilist and his/her Infernal evolution in the rebellious path (Dark Ascension).


Empower your Vampiric self, receive secret gnosis while you sleep and during meditation, overload and infuse your entire mind and energy centers with your own daemonic energy. Channel Sacred Dark Gnosis and psychic empowerment with this powerful daemon.


Amprodias is the Qliphothic archdemon to turn to when you wish to be transformed into a stone-cold Vampiric warrior. His name translates to “Great Vampiric Sylph.” The gaping mouth in His original sigil symbolizes the uterus wherefrom aeons are given birth and the Black Light issues forth.


Amprodias is a harsh teacher. He can appear as a massive bat without a face. While He is a hermaphrodite by nature, He often manifests as male. Archetypally speaking, He is the primeval ungendered Vampiric adversary –the devouring force of primordial chaos from which all creation emerged.


Amprodias rules the power of suggestion and exerts control over the mind, memories, thoughts, and consciousness. He imparts the knowledge of psychic and sanguine vampyrism alike. He can instruct the adept in the performance of ‘mind tricks.’ He specializes in the art of remote viewing and teaches the sorcerer to peer beyond the causality of the Cosmos. With the support and/or guidance of Amprodias, the practitioner can perceive anything in the universe.


Amprodias provides gnosis about the transpersonal chakras, and His auspices are useful in creating predatory Vampiric thoughtforms. He imparts knowledge regarding the essential nature and magickal application of Qliphothic forces. He rules the forces of manifestation, chaos, and amplification, and He presides over spiritual immortality.


Amprodias can increase the physical reflexes of the adept and augment their slow-twitch muscle fibers. He can permanently modify the practitioner’s personality. He can make the adept courageous in conflict, quick-witted in analysis, persuasive in conversation, and grant the interpersonal skills required for leadership and the arousal of dissent.


Amprodias can engender the distortion of perception and reality alike, and He can be called on to transport spiritual energies from one place to another. He can alter spiritual energies in accordance with a given intent and bring about the reversal of spells. He specializes in wind magick, divination, and the use of psychic vampyrism in psychometry. He can remove addictions, inhibitions, phobias, delusions, and cause the adept to think more objectively.


This operation has many benefits, and Amprodias will bring personalized spiritual outcomes according to each person’s unique essence, energy, spirit, and mental disposition.


Additionally, we provide an optional Vampiric Magick practice to amplify the results of the operation (a small and easy ritual to perform).


*This ritual must be performed while the client is either relaxed and unoccupied or asleep.


When you order, we will contact you, please be patient.

We only need your recent photo, full name, D.O.B.´s and the city where you are.

The Vampyric Exaltation (W/ Amprodias)

€333.00 Regular Price
€172.00Sale Price
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