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This Magick operation is designed to not just (or nessessarly) break relationships but to turn their interaction into a nightmare of emotional pain, frustration and suffering. This curse of discord, will bring emotional negative energies to both targets, highlighting the flaws of their relationship, make them feel no-compatible, hate each other, feel disgust, anger and tiredness everytime they sense each others energy and finally torture each other and break in a bad way. 


This is a pure punishment for a relationship, and can be perfromed for romantic, sexual, friendship, even business relationships and other types.


Kuut´Lur is a high ranked dark demon, ruler of daemonic spirits of wrath. Our Hierophant has stablished a pact with him and we´re also writing a grimoire with some techniques and operations to operate with Kuut´Lur.


He is a very sadisctic, aggressive, dark-daemonic, absorving and psychotic entity. 

He like to scratch on the victims mind and hidden energies, (hidden traumas, secrets, weakness, deepest fears and fobias, etc).


For this operation he won´t kill his victims, he will bring constant bad vibes and discord between them, over and over, making them confrontate and argue all day, they day and night will become a torture, and he will feed on all these negative emotions making his presence and attachment stronger, making the curse more powerful.


(*Note: We do not take any responsability if one of the targets gets into physical fight with the other, this curse can influence minds but if they´re weak or with violent tendences the results can be stronger than expected.)


He will bring to your targets (variable depending on various factors):


· Constant Debate (Discord & Fight)

· Mental & Emotional problems

· Energetic problems

· Blockages

· Dab Vibes and Darkness

· Energy drain

· Physical pressure and heavyness

· Emotional disorders

· Insecurity and weakness

· Energetic unbalancement

· Fear, Frustration, Sadness, Depression, Fury, etc  (these could atract other sludge entities)

· Paranoic mind and behaviour

· Disease: energetic and mental (if the situation is extended without breaking the relationship)

· Eating Disorders

· Distorted Other´s Perception

· Insomnia, Nightmares and bad resting

· Anxiety

· Bad Luck Magnet

· Repulsive Aura (Anti-Charisma)


Kuut´Lur could visit these victims forever to drain and make them suffer until the day that the targets separate and avoid any interaction.


We dont take responsability of the consequencies of this ritual or if you change your opinion.

The results for the victims could be irreversible, so think it twice.


We only need:

· Recent targets photography

· Full names

· City (where they are located)

· Know the reason of the conflict between you and the victim (we can reject the operation)


Kuut´Lur´s Curse Of Discord

€300.00 Regular Price
€200.00Sale Price
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