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Vassago´s Psychic Enhancement (w/ Vassago)


THE RITUAL: A Daemonic ritual with Vassago (Vassago).


Boost and/or obtain your:

· Psychic gifts / skills.

· Higher intuition & premonition.

· Astral projection & lucid dreaming.

· Concentration / focus.

· Improved memory and cognitive speed and performance.

· Mental super processing of data.


This operation has many benefits, and Vassago will bring personalized spiritual incomes according to every person´s unique essence, energy, spirit and mental disposition.


 *Combined with our "Learning Faster" ritual can result in awesome results.


We will contact you to program the ritual. Please be patient.(

We only need to know your full name, a recent photo and the city wherein you live.

Vassago´s Psychic Enhancement (w/ Vassago)

€259.00 Regular Price
€188.00Sale Price
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