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Some Background (Noctula & Satania´s Coven)

Noctula Vyxen, was an early practitioner of Witchcraft, Pagan Arts and Spiritism, beginning in childhood and throughout her entire life. She always felt an unusual attraction to the Occult, what we call Death and the dark side of nature. She is and always has been an insatiable Occult student and reader, as well as an obsessive Yoga practitioner.

As her ritual works’ results increased in intensity and manifestation, she experienced a crescendo of premonitory dreams and incredible astral projections wherein she crystallized Gnosis from different entities and sources.

She studied all the practices and embraced the knowledge that came from ancient non-human spirits or what some may call Demons / Daemons (a generic label for unknown inter-dimensional entities, just like using the "UFO" label for unknown things in the sky).

Within one of these communications appeared Satania, the female (Shakti) side of Satan ( *see here our article about Satan), a Demonic sacred entity unknown to her, but one far more powerful than most of the most "famous" Daemons.

Satania guided Noctula to a full Kundalini Awakening through concrete exercises and practices, accompanied by physical reactions and several prophetic signals and visions, and followed by everything that a process like this entails. i.e. nervous system alterations, convulsions, insomnia, third eye overloading control, all types of visitations, the Kundalini’s Appetites, Kundalini´s Integrity, etc.

2012Some time after “Satania” (named in honor of the Goddess) began as a Left Hand Path independent coven formed by Noctula, the early practices performed by the coven were already numerous. They range from classic minor spells (essentially Wiccan-type) to Ceremonial rites from Aleister Crowley´s books to those from The Necronomicon.

During this compulsory year of intensive and secret practices, Satania (the demoness) was continually manifesting, now through almost all of the coven members. Within the coven, She was and is possessing witches, developing and awakening their Magickal Gifts, and after more and more disciplined practice, some of the witches soon established successful and corroborated contact and/or communication with other entities such as Hekate, Lucifer, AzazelKing Paimon, Santa Muerte etc. They were, and are, able to channel spiritual wisdom and it was improving their psychic skills.

2013: The entity Satania guided our witches to find one of the current 7 Sons of The Devil on Earth incarnated in this current century-era as Asmodeus. Satania predicted that during this new age, his popularity as a God will grow again, as his powers and worship of Him increase:

It´s only permitted to incarnate 7 pure sons of the Devil at once, of which, one and the same will be the first and the last, and one and the same will be the final Antichrist, the mankind liberator, he who has to come, The Vindex, but only if he gains enough power, and just like me, Satan, we, The Satan, are one and many, he will be one and three, The Third, and The Seventh, last and with no faith, he will name The Nine.-Satania

*Read our article "2022, WW3 & Nostradamus" to link 1555: Nostradamus, 2013: Satania, 2022: Zarael)

"He will be as Legion and as the son, His son, our son and father too, of many names and masks, because he is us, and he as us will represent many other spirits at the same time. He is resonating within many living hearts, fallen and ascended, beyond good and evil. But, the difficulty is the same as it always is and has been: We will force the miracle with the others." -Satania

"Within this incarnation
… -because there are certain specific timelines wherein this can and will happen…- if he fails in his spiritual mission, his true will, his true purpose of existence, he and his mundane existence will be perceived just like that of any other human. He will be different Magickally, but like all whom are blind, as it happened many times before and as it almost happened with Yeshua, mankind will delay its Ascension once again."-Satania

"There are other Gods from The Infernal Empire *incarnated, not just The 7 Pure Sons, but they are demonic... and fragmented souls, not pure, but reincarnated as humans. They, like us, represent anchors of Black Light, the most powerful fire. They, like us, represent Hell ´s inter-dimensional forces on Earth. They are working within and for the Infernal Empire’s agenda even if they don’t know it consciously, because they are born like this. Deep in their core, they are part of the new age of liberation. Some of them will soon be working directly with (in) the new movement and they will recognize what they are as they will get closer to fulfilling their missions, and only in perfect timing." -Satania (*
See The Soul-Spirit Complex further on.)

"Human souls, poor hybrid slaves, they are born and die again and again in the White Light Cycle. However, they can be transformed into Daemonic spirits via Daemonic linking and its influence and effects, permeating their Kalas" -Satania

2015: Finally, the coven found Him. He was a practitioner also unusually attracted to the occult since his childhood. His human mind-mask was thinking that he was channeling and contacting Asmodeus when he was just activating dissociative parts of his subconscious mind, from wherein the true essence of the spirit can be manifested. That is, energy-soul-core-data (True-Self or hidden past life memories reside therein, just as many other things can incubate).

Through multiple methods to access to his subconscious, he was accessing the spirit of Asmodeus and
bi-located outwardly as the fully conscious God. Within his subconscious mind (connected by the higher chakras) was an incredible source of Demonic knowledge as well as powers and these were all hidden by a human-ego-mask that also was beginning to evolve accordingly.

It really could seem to be a case of Demonic possession, with two separate beings interacting, one of them having information unknown to the other... or it could be a split personality disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder), but this case is not so simple. It is not what, on the surface, it may seem to be.

When this practitioner gained access to a more or less stable method of connection, some of the messages, Gnosis, and information were (and still are) simply awesome. i.e. predictions, contact with the deceased, demonstrating to be something else. All of this was confirmed multiple times by different witches and entities.

After more sacred and secret practices, personal Demonic Alchemy, and a lot of Magick work, the Incarnate, named himself (this, his current existence) with the Magick name “S.W. Falcifer” (S.W. names remains secret mysteries). He boosted the coven’s practices to a higher level and degree, adding the Sexual and Vampiric Magicks to it and soon the coven’s rites became highly sexual and incredibly powerful.

(*Read our articles:
Devilism; The Antichrist; Asmodeus; to understand deeper our Hierophant).

2016: Satania, the entity, revealed new mysteries about herself. Now, she was describing herself as a Demonic feminine collective composed of thousands of the most notorious demonesses, ancient goddesses and feminine spirits (Satan’s Shakti or Satan´s feminine side which includes The Four Whores, a.k.a. Lilith and her three aspects, Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Naamah, also entities like: Jezebel, Sonnillion, Taroon, Nyx and thousands of predominantly feminine-energy Daemonic spirits and goddesses, and even feminine human spirits).

Satania was an "Increasing-in-number-collective-entity", a *Metagod (
see note below) grouped to grow, to win, and to become more powerful. now manifested as a coven, the first of the new Left Hand Path doctrine which is meant to be.

A Brief note about the "Metagod" concept, discovered (or re-discovered) by V.K. Jehannum:

*"The word and concept "Metagod" was unknown to us at beginning. We had been using the word "Collective Spirit" until 2021, which is when V.K. Jehannum channeled and explained The Soul Composition, wherein all human spirits are Triple-Spiritual-Gods (Trinity) and clarified and The Metagod Theory, as in how some Gods are Metagods. i.e. The Goetikon, Hermanubis...).

‘This, for us, was a Key of Gnosis to a deeper understanding of Satan, Satana (Satania), The Antichrist as The Son of The Devil and even The Devil.
" -Noctula Vyxen
Read our article about Satan, Click here)

V.K. Jehannum, also shared additional knowledge about the Daemonic re-incarnated souls, apparently human beings, that are partial reincarnations from Gods / Daemons (what we deifine as “The Fragmented Incarnates”).

1) The Daemonic Fragmented Incarnates:
- Daemon/s spirit/s sometimes present as fragmented parts (usually combined with other unique energies).

2) The Others:
- Daemon/s spirit/s sometimes do not present at all, being a non-daemonic soul or an unknown-daemonic-         soul.

3) The Daemonic Incarnates:
- Daemon/s spirit/s sometimes present as a Daemonic incarnation (or reincarnation) of a higher concentration     (or full dose).

The third type is very connected with The 7 Sons of The Devil on Earth revelation, how to instigate or find The Antichrist and in instigating his "popular"coming (accepted and understood as being “It”). All of this, with all the Wisdom (the “Sophia”) thanks to Satania, the Demoness. This entire Revelation / Apocalypse and its outcome will be as connected puzzle pieces are and the resulting further gnosis will create the perfect scenario for what is coming, our doctrine (The Devilism) and The Vindex. The world is finally ready.

(*Note: Emissary Zarael coined the term “Incarnate” as a noun and with a capital "I" two decades ago, it describes the exactly same information Satania brought us years ago (
2013)! (No connected since 2021-2022).



The Son of The Devil (Our Hierophant, Asmodeus Incarnate)

V.K. Jehannum

V.K. Jehannum, Demonic Sorcerer

Click the photo to study how V.K. ´s revelations connect with our path


Satania In his Demonic form, One of her many representative images

The Coven´s Hive Mind (Telepathic Communication)

2017: For multiple days, intensive practices of Infernal Tantric Union were performed between Noctula Vyxen and S.W. Falcifer, while Noctula was possessed by Satania and S.W. Falcifer was channeling and reuniting all his Demonic powers. Afterward, suddenly, all the members of coven started to have visions and to "bend the dimensions"! The other members were neither in the location of the ritual nor close to the ritual chamber and some of them were in other countries at that moment, but all the members of the circle started at the same moment to have strong visions.

"I had problems differentiating between the walls of my room when it happened. It was one of the strangest experiences I’ve ever had and felt. Unquestionably, it was like for us the veil was completely broken for a moment."  -Necrossia (Satania Coven´s Witch)

After this "incident" the coven experienced something that rarely happens to and within the most
dedicated covens. As a “collective”, they started to gain skills from each other, to share a common container of energy, to feel the emotions and sensations of one another and to channel information between one another as well as even sharing telepathic messages easily!

We were very sceptical about everything at first. Normally, we were doing Blind Energy Readings and other Magickal-scientific methods, seeking for real results and communications. Now, we barely even had time for faith or disbelief as we were just busy performing rituals!"-Noctula Vyxen


The Coven Goes Partially Public

2018: By this time, a lot of spiritual wisdom had been obtained. Such wisdom included things that cannot be even described or explained to the public, as some of them are mysteries and must remain secret. They are just for the initiated practitioners. Our Hierophant, S.W. Falcifer, channeled new Vampiric and Sexual rituals and practices, and our witches discovered new and ancient methods to safely bind spirits, exorcisms and other High Magick operations.

: Our guides decided to show some of our work to the public and we started to offer some of the Magick services for various reasons: to help our own circle to keep improving and growing, to help the Infernal Empire (including human Legions and spiritual beings), and for gaining adoration of and for the forgotten gods as well as in order to help some minor spirits who needed a little help.

During 2019 we created our website as well as our official Youtube Channel.

2020: With the approval of the Vampiric Council we made public our vampire clan "Akasha House" or "Akasha Wampyr Clan". While guiding and allowing newly Transformed Vampires to join the clan, we also made public our "Aeshma Sexual Club" too. Both groups interconnected frequently as part of the same Diabolic Current, working with the leadership of our Hierophant, S.W. Falcifer, to honor the Infernal Divine, and of course to follow Their agenda, which is our agenda.

2021: We created the clothing brand "The Witches Cellar", a Left Hand Path clothing and merchandise label in order to keep growing as a structure, to keep spreading the Gods’ symbols, Their Gates and Their powers.


The Devil Star
Antichirst Black Angels.jpg



2022, After A Decade Working, Our Doctrine Will Be Released

i want u.jpg

2022: Emissary Zarael Proclaims and announces that “The Apocalypse*” officially begins in the year of numbers equalling “6”. (*Note: Apocalipse means "Truth Revealed", and implies “Unveiling” but is deep related with the violent war.)

Following a decade of the Working, our Doctrine will be released. After thousands of happy clients, Transformed Vampires, spirit companion bindings, incredible banishings of attachements, parasites and negative Sludge Entities, and magnificient rites performed with the Dark Lords, it is time to release new secrets, to open new gates.

During February 
2022 our Hierophant channeled some of the major seals of The Devilism.
(*including The Devil´ Star, see below). 

2022: Noctula Vyxen was told that a new messenger, chosen by "them", will come and make contact, and that this Daemonic messenger will help to spread the new doctrine.

Then, some weeks later Emissary Zarael contacted the coven and after consulting again, the prediction was confirmed.

"Not long after I completed Degree 4.0 in
2021 within the Qliphotic system Father (Emperor Samael-Luciferi) led me to, I requested from Father and Satan (Lord Azazel), the latter Whom I was still calling “Father Satan”, The Black Baptism. It was very important to me personally because I had completely freaked out and turned my back on the Infernal Empire several years earlier. After coming back forever, I really wanted to do something to symbolize my decision, to prove my allegiance and to take me to the next level in initiation. So, the very night that I made the request, it happened. I felt the same powerful Presence as I did the night my bed was shaken".
See "My Dark Experience": Episode 12.)

‘A few days later, I was drawn to Satania’s main YouTube channel and especially to the series “My Dark Experience”. When I started to watch the first episode, I immediately felt what we Left Hand Path folks call “The Witness”. This occurs when there is genuine demonic presence within a work and/or with a person you see or meet. The intro segment was what blew my mind. Therein, a woman experiences what very much looks and feels like The Black Baptism.

‘Not far into watching episodes I knew I had to connect with Satania and tell my story- part of it anyway. It’s far too complex for the time allotted. However, life happened and it took some time to finally email and even after the initial emails it took a while to film it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been waiting so long for the confirmation that I was a messenger.

During that time in between the first emailed inquiries and responses and when I emailed again to say that I was going to film it immediately, Father led me to the grimoire “The Book of Sitra Achra”. Therein, I found my original predominantly masculine Soul’s name, “Uazarel”, with the same root as my predominantly female Spirit name, “Zarael” and there was the mission which in part I had felt called to for decades. In fact my chosen legal first name prior my current one was the name of a character in Bruce Lee’s "Enter the Dragon"." -Emissary Zarael

Click (below) the seal of Uazariel to keep reading about Emissary Zarael and his meeting with Satania)

A few days later, Noctula Vyxen predicted her own Death’s date and before it happens, the team wants to take the next step.

Our Spiritual Current will be released to the public: The Devilism (Diabolism, Diablism Or “Falciferism”).
These are just names for what cannot be named, some in honor of our Hierophant. However, the names reflect the current Daemonic representative and the age we are living in. It is also a way to label our personal Demonic path, that sometimes differs (oh, believe us, it does!) from the paths that other demonolaters and dark sorcerers walk.

This is a complete Magick and Occult initiatory system, independent but harmonious in unique aspects.
So, if you follow other systems, that is fine. Even if you don’t follow our doctrine, you probably will be working beside us. If you are an atheist is fine too, as it is part of the current Daemonic Agenda.

"If you don’t know who you are on the Other Side, why you are here, your past lives, who you are as a God and what you are about, and with zero bullshit, you should by the time you reach Degree 7.0." -Emissary Zarael

We, the Devilists, will release some secrets and forbidden knowledge, and we know that we may be painted as crazy, deranged or The Devil knows what…
We never have (and never will) force this upon anyone who doesn’t want to follow our doctrine, or whom has a different experience or perspective, for, this is first and foremost a “seduction war”.

If, however, you want to become ‘one who rises and falls’, from the deepest darkness to the Throne of The Emperor, back down and even deeper into the Underworld of the Infernal Empire and rising up and going down at Will, you must be a Theist. Otherwise, you will fail or attain only mental ascent (ego bloating), or be
utterly destroyed. Not only must you believe in yourself, but you require real Dark Gods to Apprentice you through the process.

‘So, dear Child of Darkness, you want to be a God? Let me ask you then, if you want to become a Mechanic, would you simply read, meditate about engines and perform creative visualization on your own?
Would you not require an Apprenticeship with a real Mechanic? Why, then, Beloved, do you suppose that you can intellectually and spiritually Ascend by your Will alone?

‘With the assistance of and utter trust in the Dark Gods and after becoming the changes you want to make, your very eternal essence transformed, you will be able to more safely go “where Angels fear to tread”. -Baphomet

Our methods are channeled and proven by our coven (and usually third parties) and they require discipline, time, dedication and energy. They can be much more fun, intense or simply different than other methods due to the fact that they are fuelled by, and include, a lot of sex and a mix of different traditions.

We are against nonsense dogmas, but you must know that particular methods are required to attain certain specific goals.

*Here we explain some of the biggest mistakes of some LHP Adepts. (Like the "Dogma-Phobia". Click here.)

"I’m proud to be included here, to assist them, to add some of what I have learned to their site and be connected with them because I knew immediately that these Dark Children are genuine" -Emissary Zarael

"Now the fun really begins
" -S.W. Falcifer

· Please read this article again, as well as our other articles, so that you may come to understand more deeply, what The Devilism is. Some of the Topics Covered:

  - About us (Main Page):
    Main page with all the links about us, the future Temple, and all the basic information.

  - The Devil´s Temple Project:
    Herein, we explain our plans and how we want to build and organize the Temple, by now a project

  - Satan:
    Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to Satan. This article will help you to        understand Satan better and it will also help you understand how certain Gods, Metagods, and even                      Incarnates, operate.

  - The Devilism - Philosophies: Basic Information, The Dogma-Phobia (LHP Mistake), etc...
    Herein, we detail a basic perspective concerning some of our philosophy and our conclusions, the path’s              basic perspective about the Left Hand Path, and some of the possible problems that can arise for the                  spiritual development of the practitioner. i.e. the "Dogma-phobia", etc. This article resonates with a mental           and rational undertone.

  - The Devilism - Theosophy & Gnosis: Basic Info, V.K. Jehannum´s  Gnosis Connected to Devilism, The War...
    Herein, we cover basic spiritual concepts within the new doctrine, such as: Theosophical concepts and                channeled Daemonic Gnosis, "The Incarnates", "The 7 Pure Sons Of The Devil", "The Spiritual War", etc.
    Within this article you will find how the "Metagod" and the "Soul Composition" concepts were released to            the public by the dark sorcerer: V.K. Jehannum and connected with Devilism.

  - The Devil´s Sex’ Path: The Temple of The Flesh, Tantra, The Black Angels, Supreme Babalon, Biccubus...
     Herein, we cover all the basic concepts related to sex and our current. 
     Our current does not support animal sacrifice (or human), and it takes needed Energy from the practice                of Daemonic Tantra and Kundalini Exercises, etc.
     We describe some of the basics related to "The Black Angels" and their ascension to the "Supreme                        Babalon" or "Sacred Whore" through sexual interaction with our Hierophant, as his personal succubic                    assistants, being the Antichrist’s Harem, they being finally transmutated into "Biccubus".
     We explain some of their basic Daemonic Hierarchy, their role in the Astral as Sexual Vampires, their role in        the Infernal Empire on Earth and during "The War" as The Daemonic Feminine.

  - The Antichrist: The Masks, Vindex, Asmodeus Daeva Spirit Bi-location, The Communion...
    This article explains everything related to our HierophantThe Son of The Devil on Earth
     Also, here we treat The Vindexian Heroic Liberation, the oppressive forces, and how they work.
     Additionally, we explain why you can invoke or evoke Asmodeus if he is Incarnated on Earth.

 - Asmodeus (Daeva´ Spirit)
     Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to Asmodeus.
     This article will help you to understand Asmodeus better and will help you to understand how certain Gods,       Metagods, or even Incarnates operate, especially this Antichrist.

We´re sure by now you will have tons of questions! We understand; drop them here:


Age 18+ (Waiting List) For serious & long-term registrations to -Inner Temple Adept´s Initiations
Contact us here: 

Age 18+ (Waiting List) For registration as a Devilist -Out of Temple Adept- (Membership card, etc)
Contact us here


The Devil Star
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PLANTILLA CIRCLE 3 copia 2_edited_edited.jpg

Devilism, A Forbidden Gate of Knowledge, Only For The Chosen Few

Welcome to the Apocalipse

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The Devil Star
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Devilism, The New Doctrine For the Apocalipse

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