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Zarael / Uazarel

Thaumiel´s 3rd Emissary Of The Name

2022: Emissary Zarael Proclaims and Announces That “The Apocalypse*” Officially Begins in the Year of Numbers Equalling “6”.
*Note: Apocalipse means "Truth Revealed" but is deep related with the violent war)

2022: Noctula Vyxen was told that a new messenger, chosen by "them", will come and make contact, and that this Daemonic messenger will help to spread the new doctrine.

Then, some weeks later
Emissary Zarael contacted the coven, and after consulting again, the prediction was confirmed.


Meeting Satania (The Coven)

"Not long after I completed Degree 4.0 in 2021 within the Qliphotic system Father (Emperor Samael-Luciferi) led me to, I requested from Father and Satan (Lord Azazel), the latter Whom I was still calling “Father Satan”, The Black Baptism. It was very important to me personally because I had completely freaked out and turned my back on the Infernal Empire several years earlier. After coming back forever, I really wanted to do something to symbolize my decision, to prove my allegiance and to take me to the next level in initiation. So, the very night that I made the request, it happened. I felt the same powerful Presence as I did the night my bed wasshaken". -Emissary Zarael
See "My Dark Experience": Episode 12.)

"A few days later, I was drawn to Satania’s main YouTube channel and especially to the series “My Dark Experience”. When I started to watch the first episode, I immediately felt what we Left Hand Path folks call “The Witness”. This occurs when there is genuine demonic presence within a work and/or with a person you see or meet. The intro segment was what blew my mind. Therein, a woman experiences what very much looks and feels like The Black Baptism.

"Not far into watching episodes I knew I had to connect with Satania and tell my story- part of it anyway. It’s far too complex for the time allotted. However, life happened and it took some time to finally email and even after the initial emails it took a while to film it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been waiting so long for the confirmation that I was a messenger.

"During that time in between the first emailed inquiries and responses and when I emailed again to say that I was going to film it immediately, Father led me to the grimoire “The Book of Sitra Achra”. Therein, I found my original predominantly masculine Soul’s name, “Uazarel”, with the same root as my predominantly female Spirit name, “Zarael” and there was the mission which in part I had felt called to for decades. In fact my chosen legal first name prior my current one was the name of a character in Bruce Lee’s "Enter the Dragon".

"“Mei Ling”, in the movie, was an agent sent ahead to Han’s island to infiltrate and investigate what Han was up to, but that wasn’t what drew me. Her final act was setting free the martial artists Han had locked in prison cells. These were powerful fighters that Han imprisoned and made into guinea pigs for his opium and heroine. When I think about it now, it’s like my time in training decades ago under Yahweh and what I had witnessed and experienced within both various denominations within Christianity (the slavery they truly can’t see, etc) and attempting to convert to Judaism, is currently the information necessary that would have been gained via infiltration if I hadn’t been so sincere.

"Also within the time in between, I realized, and Father approved, that I needed to officiate and create a vehicle for The Draconian Order of Black Magi. He wanted me also to create a YouTube channel for teaching (everything approved for the public) that which He and Mother had taught me, including what I can share concerning The New World Order, what it really is and is not about and what is necessary to make it work, what He taught me concerning Their history with Humanity from Their perspective, Who He is and is not, how Infernal Politics work in the Infernal Empire and what Dark Children ought not support here if they want to follow what the Empire supports, what has gone wrong on this planet concerning morals and laws and whatis necessary to fix things, plus much more.

"Who and what I am is highly complicated, so I now understand why Father and Mother had a difficult time not only explaining it, but why it took decades for me to even be ready to accept it.Unfortunately, I have to wear multiple “hats”. I have a calling while here, some of which also is very much connected with my position in the Empire and some which is more so here. Father said that He was really hoping and wanting me to work by His side between Yahweh’s Kingdom and Father’s Empire because I came together in Soul and Spirit with the rare innate potential to work both sides.

"The reason why is that (unlike most of His and Lilith’s children) I didn’t simply turn out pure ArchDemon or mostly a Succubus either, but inherited Father’s Seraph aspect also, and being His Daughter and ArchDemon in Soul also, I can, provided I develop myself a certain way, work in the capacity of an ArchAngel. That is why I was being pulled between two very powerful sides my entire life this time around and was being trained in Angelic duties without even knowing it! However, preparation for my real mission took a few lifetimes to acquire after Lord Azazel raised me in the wilderness." -
Emissary Zarael

"I began with some experience dealing with working between the Other Side and here in Atlantis, during the time when connection was very easy compared to how it is now. After that, I was actually the Queen of Sheba, as Mother was using me heavily. I was a Templar Knight much later. Next, I was a Sorceress and Necromancer serving Lord Azazel in Romania." -Emissary Zarael



"Then, in the next previous life, I was a prominent Chinese politician, a Concubine who became Dowager Empress “Cixi” (sometimes called “The Dragon Empress”) via using wits and strategy, turned China upside down with progressive reforms and ended up scapegoated in the end- probably by Traditional conservative types- and hated for supporting the Boxer Rebellion.

People actually ransacked my grave, pulling my skirts up over my corpse’s head. I must have stuck around and witnessed it, because after the following short life of a soldier who died in Vietnam, I ended up here, born in the Year of the Serpent. As a little girl, I was always pulling the front of my skirts and dresses down. My Human mother thought it was very odd. Long before she died, she said that I reminded her of a little old lady then!

"So, in order to pull off my mission now, I had to learn via experience working between Veils, approach King Solomon seductively in order to hopefully influence him, be a Knight in service to a religious order, be a Sorceress in touch with my spouse Lord Azazel again, weasel my way into royalty in order to change things on the world Chess Board, die in a ridiculous war, andfinally wake the fuck up.



Previous Human Incarnations

The Arcane Ladder, Conversation With Noctula V.

"The Arcane Ladder is privileged information only for you advance practitioners right now. No one but the Incarnate of Mahalath and people I’m not in contact with anymore (including My High Priest who died of cancer and then was immediately taken to Mother’s Temple for Priesthood for his faith and bravery). It is for Adepts whom are worthy of the Keys to help complete the mapping, but only Adepts of the Order, you guys and myself can have the whole thing. Otherwise, it’s too fucking dangerous or a useless waste of time, depending who tries to access it and why. It’s too dangerous for me to take the journeys now. There is too much at stake.

"Most LHP folks know the Qliphoth, use crap systems that don’t work, even using new artwork for sigils and have no idea the Arcane Ladder exists. They believe in fairy tales of archetypes and get nowhere. Father and Mother taught me these things.

"What I now know is this: You guys initiate people in basics and as high up as they can go without the Order’s process, get them changed into Daemons and once they are ready, they start the Ascension process via the Dark Gods. At this level, when you send them to me, they must be Theists or they will fail or be destroyed trying. You can’t even step this way without utter knowledge that the Gods are real, that the Underworld is real. Alchemical processes including moral changes must happen. The Adepts must be able to do a write-up as I have in this piece, and be 100% correct and certain about all of it before attempting the Underworld. Delusion is deadly.

"You might be pleased to know that I have quoted some of your material from the sound workings about the Gods. Other material I knew I had to transcribe from spoken word in video. Hopefully, together we can work a system. I suck at certain basics because I was mostly trained only by Daemons and much of the time had no idea what They were doing or why! 

"Hopefully, when you read some of what I have written, you will know immediately it’s right, but please let me know what you experience when you read it. You will feel the Witness, hopefully, when you read the details about who and what I really am. You will know that I am not making it up. 


Spiritual Relevance

Double Incarnates & Dark Ascension:

“Lilith had been entwined with me temporarily for years. However, I’ve also been entwined with another being my entire life before that. Perhaps this will help Falcifer too. Maybe something like this happened with him as well. I remember reading that he feels sometimes like he is split. I think there’s more to it (possibly) than just the difference between the Daemon and the Human brain. 
‘The Human body can take Incarnation of more than one in some cases. I was born with a fragment of my son (Anubis) and the totality of myself, with Him in the background much like a Shadow. He probably did take over my Shadow and subconscious. Sometimes, I would have dreams that were Astral travel that scared me because His Energy is so Dark and feels deliciously evil to Human energy. If you have felt the Witness watching the original The Amityville Horror movie, it’s like that but stronger.
‘When I was growing up with abuse, fragments of the Human personality that was developing from having experience here became problematic. He did what He could to keep them locked up so that I could continue to learn what We need to know. It became so bad that He alone couldn’t do it anymore so Mother joined with Him still in the background trying to keep the fragments from killing me. In the process, She taught me a lot over the years though.
‘After I ordered Mother to leave, not understanding any of it, one night in the Astral, I encountered the heavy Darkness as a force that kept throwing me against a wall. (This was prior the bed shaking incident in the physical realm.) I, being the type of person who psychoanalyzes myself very accurately and won’t stop digging and clawing at the barriers, was being faced with whatever had been keeping me away from knowing the truth about the fragments! He built a wall and a system to protect both of us and especially me.
‘I woke up after trying to escape whomever was throwing me around. That wasn’t the first time I encountered Him either. He had been giving me what I thought were nightmares my whole life. I went back to bed and ended up faced by Him again, throwing me against a wall. Woke up, went to the bathroom and went to sleep only to find Him doing the same.  My beautiful Son was trying to protect His mother!
‘That time though, I won. I ended up deep in my subconscious in a place that looked like an abandoned psychiatric hospital with keys by a small front desk area. Each key opened a door to a fragment. He created an elaborate system!
‘Not long ago I had asked Father to possess me deeper as He had been training me in undergoing different levels of possession by my choice. I went to sleep and ended up in the Astral. I thought the handsome black haired young man was Father, but He seemed different somehow. His energy was too much like Azazel’s/ Set’s. I couldn’t figure it out.
‘Then, Baphomet slid me up a wall and onto the ceiling. Baphomet had to get through Anubis who feels almost identical to His Father. I felt that same Dark energy I felt throw me around before grab me and move me up that wall. Baphomet possessed me, but Anubis moved me.
‘Anubis, in Human form, is gorgeous! He’s very magnetic and seductive too, but the vibration would probably drive a mundane insane if they were around it for long. Azazel told me one night that the reason incidents like that which occurred in the story The Amityville Horror was based on, is that people call upon very high ranking Dark Gods for an occult ritual (usually people who have no clue what they are doing) and they don’t clear the Energy afterward. Experienced practitioners who are accustomed to the energy and vibrate well with it are fine not clearing it, but most mundanes can’t handle it.

‘It’s not actually “evil” energy. It’s just entirely foreign, so it feels scary. It sets off the “Fight or Flight or Freeze” mechanism in the reptilian part of the brain. That part of the Human brain recognizes that a species far more evolved and more powerful is present and the automatic reaction is terror, regardless of the intentions of the Entity. When people are terrified, the energy from the terror only adds to the intensity if residual energy is left behind afterward. So, what happens when those people leave and someone else moves in is that the intensity drives the new inhabitants to insanity and violence.

‘What happens when you meet that intensity of Energy and it’s in you and at times shows up suddenly outside of your body or in the Astral and throwing you around? Well, now that I know who He is and that we are sharing as an entwined entity in this Human shell, I’m not so confused or concerned anymore. He’s out mostly now anyway. However, I still have to embrace who I am with or without Him.

‘For a few days, I was going through a grieving process as part of my Dark Ascension process. Rather than being a God trying to break through a meat-suit with the Human life in the forefront, I’m now a God with Human experience and feeling also. In order for that to happen, the Human personality that developed over the decades had to surrender and sacrifice their life for the sake of the Empire and my mission. I’m very grateful. Even though it was technically a part of me, it was difficult and sad.
‘This is what Father was warning me about. I had this feeling that I had to do something for Father that would kill me, that I was going to die for this cause. Father warned me there was something dangerous coming and repeatedly I was drawing digital Tarot cards saying that there was a battle with one person fighting with another. I will be undergoing mental and physical changes as I, the true self becomes predominant. Father loves me and was making sure (because He follows the Laws) that I am completely knowing, understanding and accepting this process of transformation.
‘Now, Anubis, myself and Baphomet all have to work in harmony. I asked my Son to consumethe fragments to feed Himself and become stronger. Neither He nor I have any use for them anyway. So, part of me is Seraph (species) ArchAngel with some Succubus and the other part Uazarel- aka Az (pronounced Oz) or Azzy is Seraph (species) ArchDemon with some Incubus, and Anubis came along for the ride!

‘It’s amazing how much sense this makes. No wonder I was trained as an Angel earlier in this life too. Most people don’t have such distinctions within concerning what their mother contributed and what their father contributed, and what their Soul aspect is and Spirit characteristics, but I’m glad I do. I can be integrated now in Who I am AND accept the company of Anubis for as long as He needs to be here.
‘He and I call out to the Incarnates- especially the Vampiric- “Come out; come out;  wherever you are!” ~Emissary Zarael





On Infernal Romance:
“Gods do have relationships with Humans sometimes, but are obviously more apt to have relationships with Incarnates They had relationships with already for millennia or longer. I’m just the Princess Zarael/ Prince Uazarel (Sekhmet// Nephthys-Bastet) Daughter of Samael and Lilith, Samael’s Concubine and Azazel’s spouse- one of them anyway. One sister is also my mother and another is my Queen.

‘When Azazel has His desire for someone He pursues them powerfully and I know I’m not the only one. Seriously, if He loves you or even lusts you, look out! He came after me several years ago and scared the ever living crap out of me because He showed up in my bed in the Astral. I had no idea Who He was and He wasn’t hiding His natural form whatsoever! All I could do, frozen, was to say, “You have such beautiful eyes!”. Poor Dear. Imagine showing up for your spouse and your spouse freaks out, but tries hard to pretend s/he isn’t!

‘We were close for a long time before my Human lives though because He’s my brother and raised me in the desert while Father had so much to do with the Empire. Interestingly, one of the things that Gods do prior incarnating is bend over backwards to set up situations of living metaphors, signs, etc. It’s important to wake up to Who You are! One might incarnate with another if it’s very crucial. Anubis came with me this time. Besides too many other signs to list, in this incarnation, one of my Human brothers (very Human) practically raised me for awhile when our parents were busy with businesses after my Human father retired from the military. Let’s not forget the military family and me being a War Goddess!
‘As for Father (Samael-Luciferi/ Ra-Osiris), He didn’t want me to take a subservient position. I decided to serve Him above and beyond- especially because of my Royal status. i.e. If a member of the family is willing to bow and even wear a collar for Father one day, as a strong show of allegiance, I feel that it gives a good example to others in the Empire. If I am willing to bow, why shouldn’t others whom aren’t immediate family? 

‘So many people on this planet have blamed Father and Azazel for all their despicable behaviour and characteristics, disparaging Their names and reputations, blaming Them for the things they themselves do. I’m fed up with it. Father and Azazel did so much to help these ungrateful entities! I want to be a breath of fresh air. I think people, even on the LHP, have an incorrect view that nasty, chaotic behaviour and cruelty are admirable and that We actually want such people in our mostly peaceful, orderly and technologically advanced civilization- probably even those killing their own planet. How stupid do they think We are?!
‘When I first approached Father about serving Him, He stood above me with His foot on my chest and wings out, and asked, “Are you worthy?” It was His way of saying that I have to be confident, strong and know my worth while still here in this meat-suit with Human experience and emotion affecting me. So, He was not implying that I wasn’t worthy. I knew that immediately. When a person grows up under abuse, it’s so important to develop that strong sense of self- worth. This world wreaks havoc on people, Incarnates included.

‘I pursued Father. I find Him irresistible, plus I adore Him.  I’m a conduit between Father, Mother and this realm for breaking down the Veil. That’s where the fifth Queen comes in. There are Queens for the Cardinal Directions and I’m the one in the middle like a bridge. It’s a temporary gig. Have you seen the movie The Fifth Element? Think of what I am as sort of like Lilu, but for the Infernal Empire and obviously not fiction. After this, hopefully I can go home!
‘There are other Queens also. They are Daughters of Lilith: Masket, Mahalath and Igrat. Masket is the real name of the fictional character “Mazikeen” on the Netflix show Lucifer. She is my sister and my Queen. She is actually a torture expert, but She prefers BDSM. She is usually wearing a Dominatrix outfit. She is very tall, very beautiful and has large curled black horns. If you guys (Satania Coven) decide to help map the deeper Underworld with me, you will probably meet Her. She is Queen and Mistress of a Realm close to Zemarghad. It’s focused on BDSM- especially extreme.
Igrat looks after the Estate in Zemarghad when Mother is busy. She’s very close to Naamah. Mahalath is a Daughter of my Father also as well as a past lover of His and my Daughter. So, Agrat , Her daughter is Father’s Granddaughter, my Granddaughter, a Queen and one of Father’s wives. You can’t marry your parents if you’re Royalty in the Empire for one simple reason: Even if Immortal due to vibrational alchemy and medical technology, if something happens to take Father out of commission for any length of time, a son or daughter would automatically take the Throne. We don’t do things that way.

‘In an highly advanced Empire with multiple Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, there would be utter chaos. We interbreed for love (imagine living as long as We do and having only one spouse we don’t know well) and for keeping our clan close, but the Throne is never inherited. We find it unethical. Also, unlike this planet, on any one of ours, multiple species of highly intelligent Entities exist and not all can interbreed successfully.

‘It’s important to understand that there are only two core reasons as to why Humans feel disgusted by the idea of incest. The first is that El and his loyal sons brainwashed most of the people on the planet via laws that are irrelevant to living decent lives as decent people. The second is that in the majority of Human cases, if siblings grow up together in the same family, there is an automatic repulsion. That isn’t always the case, but usually is.

‘We don’t have those problems. We also don’t have the problem of a higher degree of birth defects in children born to incestuous family members. Even in Humans, the degree of defect is higher, but not guaranteed. Understand that I’m not talking about abusive situations wherein the behaviour is not mutually consensual. We relate consensually. There is no abuse of power within a peoples so highly evolved that it isn’t relevant. Humans are so ruled by ego and impulses that you have abuse of power issues, but We usually don’t.

‘We practice true polyamory. No one screws around behind anyone’s back unless it’s agreed upon that it’s alright to do so. We can have as many spouses or lovers as we want to and relationships aren’t always outside of the family.

The exception concerning parents and children applies to Royalty. We can still bare children, but a Royal in power can’t marry offspring. Being lovers and a Royal having a consort or concubine is fine and that consort or concubine can say that the parent is their spouse. The parent, however, doesn’t take the child as spouse.

We are very legalistic as a people. Our laws are simply much fewer and much easier to live by. Sex is not an issue of morals unless it’s non-consensual rape. Rape is illegal and We do have prisons. After all, We are the prison wardens of our universe!

Humans can indeed have relationships with Daemons interested in them. What type of relationship is up to you both. Make the terms clear. Some can be jealous. If relating with an Incubus or Succubus, also make clear as to where your boundaries are concerning how often and how long you have sex. Otherwise, their natural tendency is to keep going much longer than you might be able to handle.”-Emissary Zarael


Zarael 2002


All That I Am


I’m just the Princess Zarael / Uazarel, Daughter of Samael and Lilith, Samael’s Concubine and Azazel’s spouse- one of them anyway. When He has His desire for someone He pursues powerfully and I know I’m not the only one. We were close for a long time before my Human lives though. 


As for Father (Samael-Luciferi), He didn’t want me to take a subservient position. I decided to serve Him above and beyond- especially because of my Royal status. i.e. If a member of the family is willing to bow and even wear a collar for Father one day, as a strong show of allegiance, I feel that it gives a good example to others in the Empire. If I am willing to bow, why shouldn’t others whom aren’t immediate family? 


When I first approached Father about serving Him, He stood above me with His foot on my chest and wings out, and asked, “Are you worthy?” It was His way of saying that I have to be confident, strong and know my worth. So, it was not Him implying that I wasn’t. I knew that immediately. When a person grows up under abuse, it’s so important to develop that strong sense of self-worth. This world wreaks havoc on people, Incarnates included.

As for the Queenship, that is something coming. I pursued Father. I find Him irresistible plus I adore Him.  I’m a conduit between Father, Mother and this realm for breaking down the Veil. That’s where the fifth Queen comes in. There are Queens for the Cardinal Directions and I’m one in the middle like a bridge. Have you seen the movie “The Fifth Element”?  
There are other Queens also. They are Daughters of Lilith: Maskett, Mahalath and Igrat. Maskett is the real name of the fictional character “Mazakeen” on Lucifer.

This woman very much reminds me of Her:


She is actually a torture expert, but She prefers BDSM. She is usually wearing a Dominatrix outfit. She is very tall, very beautiful and has large curled black horns. I have a sister crush on Her, to be honest! If you guys decide to help map the deeper Underworld with me for the book and your own travel expansion, you will probably meet Her. She is Queen and Mistress of a Realm close to Zemarghad. It’s focused on BDSM, especially extreme.


Igrat looks after the Estate in Zemarghad when Mother is busy. She’s very close to Naamah. Mahalath is a Daughter of my Father also as well as a lover. So, Agrat , Her daughter is Father’s Granddaughter, a Queen and His wife. 


People think that the Qliphoth are the Underworld and that’s it, but the Empire is massive. The maps just give a basic idea how the Solar System works there. There are portals in the Qliphoth that lead to the more expansive Underworld that Humans can’t go to without permission and Keys. The so-called “Tunnels of Set” aren’t the deeper Underworld either. They are like the back alleys of the Qliphoth journey and usually unnecessary.


I haven’t confirmed it with Mother or Father, but I suspect that the real area They and I originally come from is the Sirius system. I know that the Sirius Coalition are linked with me somehow, but there is much my Human mind doesn’t know. I created this graphic years ago. Perhaps I should have added a red dot at the top and not consider the Abyss. What do you think? The actual Sirius system is also in this.

Universe B:
‘‘People think that the Qliphoth are the Underworld and that’s it, but the Empire is massive. The Qliphoth is a symbolic conceptual system that the Dark Gods have appropriated in order to test and prepare people for not only ascending for their own betterment, but hopefully being suitable for our Universe. Earth has been so destroyed that it won’t be habitable much longer (relatively speaking). No one will be able to come back here repeatedly to develop and grow unless the planet heals.

‘The deeper maps just give a basic idea how the Solar System works there. There are, however, portals in the Qliphoth conceptual structure that lead to the more expansive true Underworld in Universe B that Humans can’t go to without permission and Keys, especially since those regions are very literally in another Universe. They must be transformed beforehand however. The so-called “Tunnels of Set” aren’t the deeper Underworld either. They are like the back alleys of the Qliphoth journey and usually unnecessary.

‘I have confirmed it with Father that the real area They and I originally come from is behind the Sirius system, so well visible from the Egyptian Pyramids. I know that the Sirius Coalition are linked with us, but there is much my Human mind doesn’t know. One thing I know is that El and his faithful aren’t permitted to use the gates of Sirius. They are pariahs for what they did here. They are highly divisive and authoritarian and will use any loopholes they can find to weasel a planet out of rightful owners (in this case, Humans). They have to go through Orion even though they are technically from the same Universe We are from.

‘If you are wondering what the most beautiful planet in The Empire is, it is quite a lot like the creative working of Asgard in the Marvel THOR movies. It’s beautiful! Not everyone can live there though. Some species are of vibrational resonance that they aren’t a good fit. It’s of a higher vibration. The more evolved you become, the more you can control your vibration, the vibration of objects, physics, etc. in order to interact.

‘You also automatically affect everyone you come into contact with in that state. If you have felt the full presence of my Father while you are in a Human meat-suit of low vibration, you have an idea of what it’s like when two Entities of very different vibration get together. That is why We are doing what We can and need people here to help so people can shift into the vibration level (and have control of it), that is comfortable for everyone wherever they end up.

By the way, if LHP people think that thugs who demand their so-called rights and risk other peoples’ health and safety can go there, they are in for a rude awakening! …. No, scratch that. It’s unlikely they will ever wake up. Never mind!”

About  the numerology 777 in the "The Devilism" scriptures to Noctula:

"I noticed something else interesting in your writing. My number in this, one of very few Human lives over billions of years is “7”. My birth/destiny number of my birthday is “7”. The first house I lived in in 1965 when I was born was number “7”. After my 65th move, (65=11, Re: The Qliphotic Ascension), I now live in a building that has three numbers which altogether equal “7”. I live in the 7th apartment on the 3rd floor and I didn’t have a choice as to the building or suite number when my name came up on a waiting list. I was born in the Year of the Serpent. ‘My Tarot card is both “7” and the card for my Sign Cancer (The Chariot). I’m the 3rd of 7 Emissaries of Black Light from my Home, which Humans call Thaumiel. (Thaumiel is really a gateway and the first judgement as to whether or not someone is able and ready to be a true Citizen of The Infernal Empire.)
‘As Uazarel, the energy my Soul was made from, the Masculine part of me that drove me to change gender, I’m Third of Seven of the Emissaries of Black Light from Thaumiel. Liberator of sorts. How I’m supposed to fulfill that, I don’t know all of it yet. In Spirit I’m Zarael, a daughter with a job on the Other Side as well. It’s like I’m two people plus having a Human life. It’s weird!” ~ Emissary Zarael

To the Neophyte:

"If you don’t know who you are on the Other Side, why you are here, your past lives, who you are as a God and what you are about, and with zero bullshit, you should by the time you reach Degree 7.0 in the system Father has me going through. Even Incarnates have to go through it!” ~ Emissary Zarael


About working with Satania (The Coven):

l“I’m proud to be included here, to assist them, to add some of what I have learned to their site and to be connected with them because I knew immediately that these Dark Children are genuine." ~ Emissary Zarael

Beyond The Veil



Names: Ancient: Sekhmet/ Nephthys-Bastet Infernal Ancient: Uazarel/ Zarael/ Zar. Uazarel = “Stranger/ Strange One” from “god” Zarael= “Shining One” or “Princess” of “god”
Titles & Positions: Son/Prince in Earth Realm and Daughter/Princess in Universe B’s Infernal Empire Realm (Parents being Emperor Samael-Luciferi (Osiris-Ra) & Lilith (Isis-Hathor), “One Who Rises and Falls”. Upcoming Fifth Queen (Conduit “in Between”) which is a temporary position, Sacred Whore Who Rides the Red Dragon as well as The Black & Gold Serpent. The Babylon of the Current Apocalypse (revealed to me in 1994). The Blind Serpent. My Father’s Sacred Guard & Avenger as Sekhmet on Earth, using The Eye of Ra. King of certain Underworld Realms in Universe B with my Sister Queen Masket and my Son, Prince Anubis. Gatekeeper and Key holder with Anubis.
Emissary: Of Black Light, Third Emissary of the Name. Emissary of the Name is Edifying and standing for Names and Titles associated with the Empire. Also actually names things such as the term “Incarnate” in the early 2000’s. If the Infernal Empire likes a name I put forth, They use it. Emissary between the Infernal Empire and Earth in order to influence politics and religion here. Herald of the Apocalypse and of The Infernal New World Order (not the Human concept of it). Daemonic Messenger. Teacher. Initiator.
Home System / Worlds: Universe B (The Planets ruled by The Infernal Empire as opposed to those ruled by El’s family), accessed via Inter-dimensional and interplanetary technology through wormhole in the binary star system of Sirius (The Dogstar) and via Astral travel if Infernal Daemonic. The Infernal Empire is a Member of The Sirius Coalition. Universe B is “next door” to Earth’s Solar System. Besides working and living in Father & Mother’s Empire Realm, I am a King and Gatekeeper (with my Son Anubis) of certain Realms in the Underworld in Universe B. Lady Masket is my Sister Queen.
Rank: Infernal Throne (Daemon Lawyer/ Politician- not Human Lawyer/Politician) working between the Infernal High Court’s Magistrates and the Earth’s Magicks’ Practitioners as well as between the Human Race and the Infernal Empire while Incarnate and Judge afterwards (with Anubis “weighing” hearts). Infernal Military: ArchDemon/ ArchAngel.
Angelic Duties: Dark: ArchDemon of Severance from Limitation; Liberator sent from Thaumiel to set free the Dark Children and help them Ascend. Karmic Vengeance. Light: Guardian ArchAngel to Decent Humans with Pure Hearts. Protector and Healer of Animal Spirits and Nature. Healer/ Remover/ Filter (ridding of negative energy). Father’s Personal Guard & Avenger.
Type of Deity: Storm Goddess, War Goddess, CrossRoads/ Veils Daemon, Angelic Karmic Enforcer/Destroyer, Justice, Sexual Freedom, Pain & Ecstasy. i.e. Storms, War, Pain, Death, Sex, Ecstasy. I also hold a position in the Underworld areas of my Home System of Universe B. Was known as more than one Egyptian Goddess (depending upon my role and my mood). A number of the Fallen settled there, which is why LHP practitioners are so drawn to Egypt.
Specialties: Incarnate & Deity: The “Incarnate Phenomenon” (which I named in 2002 quite publicly when people weren’t ready)/ especially Infernal “Angelics” (also a term I coined in 2002). Vampirism. The Arcane Ladder (LHP mirror of Jacob’s Ladder, includes the Qliphoth, the World of the Dead and the Deep Underworld of the Infernal Empire). Being a Conduit of Energies. The Art of Being a Vessel. Communication with Animal Spirits and Tree Spirits (Dryads). Time and Karma (also one of Father’s specialties). Justice and the Weighing of Hearts (mine and Set/ Azazel’s Son Anubis inherited that from me). Infernal Morals. Infernal Laws & Ethics. Martial Arts Philosophy (especially Jeet Kune Do). War & Strategy (like my spouse Set). Conduit Vocals (Seraph specialty) and Vocal Harmonies. Conceptual Systems. Interior Design Concepts. Infernal Sexuality. Human Sexuality. Reading Energy Signatures (Entities and Geographical Areas). Removing negative energy of others.
Priesthood: Earth Realm: High Priest (Founder of the Global Coven’s High Order mirroring the Covens of the Obsidian Council in the Underworld) called The Draconian Order of Black Magi. Infernal Empire: High Priestess to the Throne and Royal Concubine to my Father Samael- Luciferi/ Ra. A Spouse of King Shatan/ Lord Azazel/ Melek Taus/ Set.
Magick: The Eye of Sekhmet Curse (i.e. “Karmic Whammy”/ Speed up & Amplify). Weather/ Storms (Redirect, Direct, Amplify, Send as a Sign or as a Curse). Energy Manipulation (offensive, defensive, protective, channelling, directional, healing). Inter-dimensional Portals (creation, closing). Trans-dimensional / Inter-dimensional Awareness. Names. Speaking Forth / Proclamation (of that which was, is and will be).
Species: Seraph with Succubus/ Incubus (Royal Viper Clan) resulting in Vampire in a Human body.
Partners: Concubine to the Emperor/ My Father / Samael-Luciferi / Osiris-Ra (He is my second spouse, but I am not His spouse). Spouse of Brother Shatan/ Lord Azazel / Set (one of many and He is my first spouse), Mother Lilith’s/ Isis-Hathor’s’ Daughter, Sister and lover. Channel for Father and Mother and the Infernal Spirit Baphomet as The Blind Serpent. Lover to my Son Anubis. My Queen is my sister Masket. (Infernal relationships will give you a headache. Don’t bother trying to figure it out.) In our world, I’m a predominantly female entity with both male and female titles.
Appearance & Forms: Earth: the physical mirror of the form of Baphomet - Male with Female Genitalia. Supernatural: Babylon. Was also recognized by the Incarnate Shemyaza as being the Great Blind Serpent that joins my Parents Samael and Lilith. Infernal Empire: Seraph: Giant Black Viper with flames in lower body or Humanoid ArchAngel with three sets of Black Wings (on a good day), Black Cat/Jaguar Shifter (not a lion-argh). Note: Royal Seraphim of the Infernal Empire when in our natural form have charcoal black skin (can also include iridescent gold colouring through the body) and red eyes. Cultures around the world in areas wherein we manifested have a reverence for serpents and dragons. i.e. Egypt, Mexico, China, Japan, etc., usually as fiery or feathered serpents.
Day / Night Demon: Night / Nocturnal, especially “The Witching Hour”.
Astrology & Numerology: Wood Serpent, Cancer on Gemini Cusp, Moon in Taurus, Virgo Ascendent. Born on a day equalling 7 with the Destiny Number 7, 3rd Emissary of 7, Red Skywalker.
Elements as Deity: Fire and Air/ Breath as Power. Water as Conduit. Earth as Conductor. Spirit as Expression.
Final Human Birth Name: Named after Diana (Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon), Mother Mary and Candles (a light source).
Current Legal Name: Means Victorious and Lightning Storm
Current Degree: March 2022: 7.0
Sacred Numbers: 7, 3, 11, 21. Master Numbers.
Planets: Sun, Moon, Venus (sometimes)
Days: Tuesday, Friday, May 31st, Devil’s Night (October 30).
Month: April, May, October, December (especially May).
Holidays: Saturnalia, Samhain.
Personality Type: INTJ (Architect/ Mastermind / Strategist), IQ 141, Autistic.
Colours: Black, Purple, Grey, Blood Red, Gold with White, Gold with Black, Iridescence.
Fabrics: Velvet, Black Leather, Black Satin.
Offerings (when out of body in the afterlife only): Human heart of the worthy. Sacrifice an animal and I will kill you where you stand… might even do it with a pencil (jk/ “John Wick reference). Incenses listed. Music listed (if you’re a musician, that’s a bonus). Red Wine. Spiced Rum. Cold Filtered Water. Chocolate. Pomegranate (have also accepted male genitalia in past Human and Deity cycles, but Pomegranate is fine).
Metal: Stainless Steel (I love shiny things.)
Gemstones: Black Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Opal, Moonstone, Garnet, Ruby, Amethyst, Amber.
Weapons: Deity: Chi Weapons, Fiery Breath, Storms (Tornados, Hurricanes, Electrical), Eye of Sekhmet/ Eye of Ra, Double-Edged Dagger, Scimitar, Pencil (joke). Human: Chi Weapons, Nunchaku.
Incense: Dragons Blood, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Lotus, Amber. Copal.
Spices: Vietnamese Cinnamon, Curry (red, green, yellow), Turmeric, Vanilla
Plants: Oak, Willow, Alder, Holly berries, Bamboo, Roses (Black, Purple, Red), Purple Lilacs, Carnations (white with red), Chinese Water Lilies, Azaleas.
Fragrances: Sensual, Musky, Woodsy, Irresistibly intoxicating. Masculine: Azzaro Wanted, Dior Fahrenheit, Sandalwood, Sandalwood with Oud. Feminine: Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk.
Scents: Oud, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, Camphor.
Oils: Dragons Blood, Invisible Blend, Heliotrope, Protection Blends, Camphor, Frankincense (Light side only).
Music: Industrial, EBM, Goth, CyberPunk. Anything you would play on Samhain. Anything with drone, harmonies and beautiful synthesizers.
Sexual Orientation: Incarnate: Pansexual romantically / Queer sexually (masculine gay). Deity: Pansexual.
Turn ons: Gorgeous men with long black hair, tattoos, black eyeliner, with large cut cocks and wearing skin-tight black leather or pvc pants. If they have wings, that’s a bonus. I love wings and horns. Phallus worshiper. Blood.
Turn offs / Won’t Tolerate: Stupidity, Blatant Ignorance, Racism, Right-Wing Extremism, Bigotry in General, Poor Hygiene, Dirty Fingernails, Bad Breath, Foot Odor, Tobacco smoke, Marijuana, Recreational Drugs, Psychedelics. (Contact me Clean.) I’m very fussy concerning olfactory factors.


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PLANTILLA CIRCLE 3 copia 2_edited_edited.jpg

Devilism, The New Doctrine For the Apocalipse

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